Pvkv m/43 (1954) - The best of both worlds

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  • Should it get the APDS ammunition (thus making it BR 5.0+, after the 1963 variant)?
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This is a fairly small and straight-forward suggestion that aims to hopefully slightly help fill in the gap in Sweden’s second TD branch, as well as adding a common Swedish vehicle in the tech tree. I was surprised it wasn’t suggested already.
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Looks familiar? Please keep reading.

So, what is it? The Pvkv m/43 (1954) was a modification on the 1946 variant (we have in-game) that added an armored roof over the crew compartment, added a bore evacuator and muzzle brake to the gun, and a mount for the barrel for use during marches.
So how does this differ from the 1963 version (also in-game)? This version had the more powerful engine of the 1946 variant (410 hp vs 324 hp, of pvkv m/43 (1963)), but with the same roof as the 1963 version, and the bore evacuator and stuff on the gun but that doesn’t change anything. Just imagine the current Pvkv m/43 (1963) we have in game, but with a better engine (85 more horsepower). The roof also prevents overpressure from HE hits in the front and on the roof MG, as the hull is now considered “sealed”. If you wonder why the later1963 version has a higher BR just keep reading, but it’s mainly the APDS round.

The two current pvkv m/43 versions are divided between the 1946 version and the 1963 version.
The 1946 version (BR 4.0) has no roof but a better engine (410 hp).
While the 1963 version (BR 5.0) has a roof but worse engine (324 hp). Important to note is that the 1963 version also has APDS, which will be the deciding factor of where this vehicle will end up.

The big decider, as you can tell, will be about the APDS ammunition.

Basic Stats:

Crew: 4 (Driver, Commander, Gunner, Loader)
Mass: 25 tons.
Engine: Volvo A8B, 380 horsepower @2,300 rpm.
Transmission: Volvo VL-420, 5+1 gears.
Max Speed: 47 km/h.
Power-to-Weight Ratio: 15.2 hp/t.
Armor: 9 - 70mm (same as Pvkv m/43 1963)

Armament: 75mm pvkan m/43.
Depression/Elevation: -15/+20 degrees.
Traverse: -10/+13 degrees.
Reload Time: 6.7 - 8.71 seconds (in-game reload time for both Pvkv m/43 variants).
Ammunition Carried: 43 rounds.
Ammunition Types: HE (690g TNT), APHE-CBC (149mm pen), AP (139mm pen), and possibly APDS (230mm pen). All ammo types already exist in the game

The APDS Question

Without APDS, it will end up after the 1946 version (BR 4.0+), and can now not be overpressured by most HE shells in the front or hits to the roof MG anymore. And better protection from air. So improved protection is the main key here.
With APDS, it will end up just after of the 1963 version (BR 5.0+), due to a better engine, all else being equal.
It would look better chronologically to withhold the APDS ammunition so it will be placed between the two current versions, making it 1946 - 1954 - 1963. But it’s not incorrect to give it APDS ammunition either, and could be better to have more alternatives at the 5.0+ BR. This would put it after the 1963 version, 1946 - 1963 - 1954. See below.

The two places where the 1954 version would end up, pending if it gets APDS ammunition or not.

To clarify: The 1963 version has a lower-rated engine package because it was more reliable in real life and was used on several other vehicles that was in service. This made logistics, service, and repair easier overall. The 1963 version is just the 1954 with a lower power package.

Credit: Wikipedia.

The weight of the 1954 should also be about the same as the 1963. I base this on the Strv m/42, which existed in variants with both types of engine packages described above, that weighed the same (25.5 tons) in both these variations.
If anyone has any more info on the weights, I would heartily welcome any contribution.

Personal note
The way the tech tree is currently, there is a significant gap between the Pvkv (1963) and the Bandkanon 1C: BR 5.0 - 6.7. This gap could be reduced with another vehicle after BR 5.0, as well as adding a common serviced Swedish vehicle to the tree. It’s not the best vehicle, I agree, but Sweden is limited and it could be a small stepping stone until we get other vehicles to fill in.
You could also instead add it in between the 1946 and 1963 versions and fill out their gap, between BR 4.0 - 5.0. I personally prefer this alternative due to matching chronology of the tanks.
I’ll add the option in the polls to add the option of choosing both, one with the ammunition and one without so you get two 1954 versions. I do, personally, think this would NOT be a good decision. But I’ll add it in case someone wants it.

The Pvkv m/43 (1954) has some pictures showing the absence of a roof MG , which can be an option, perhaps?

Svenskt Pansar 90 år av svensk stridsfordonsutveckling. Rickard O. Lindström & Carl-Gustaf Svantesson. - Main source of information.
Online links
Pansarvärnskanonvagn m/43 - Online reading, in Swedish.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pansarvärnskanonvagn_m/43 - Online reading, in English.



Make it a “APDS” optional like all modification, and change the BR when it is or isn’t equipped.

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So it looks like I messed up the second poll question and made the title into an option (which quite a few of you voted for, lol). The site won’t let me change it, so I guess enjoy it and vote to your hearts content haha ;D .

Love me Pvkv’s, would love another, i support this fully.