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My Observations on the PvE Helicopter Battles Mode in War Thunder

I have been a part of the War Thunder family for a long time, and I often notice certain shortcomings and inaccuracies in the [PvE] Helicopter Battles game mode. In this article, I would like to discuss these issues in detail and offer my suggestions for improvement.


  • Players are unfairly matched in the [PvE] Helicopter Battles mode
  • Bots are inconsistent and all players frequently encounter bugs
  • Modification points are excessive for some vehicles
  • The game variety is extremely monotonous and can be further developed
  1. Players are Unfairly Matched in the [PvE] Helicopter Battles Mode Let’s quickly dive into our first topic. Models like the AH-6M and OH58D are insufficient in 9.7 and above battle ratings due to their limited weapon load. Conversely, the Mi-24A model is overly powerful (OP) at a 9.3 battle rating. The Mi-24A’s ability to carry 128 rockets, 4 AGMs, and various other weapons is truly unfair.
    By the way, the map is excessively large for players with a battle rating below 9.7.

  2. Bot Inconsistencies and Bugs Another notable issue is the inconsistency of bots and their tendency to wander underground. Anti-aircraft units, especially those at a 9.7 battle rating or lower, present peculiar surprises for players. They can move underground and fire, ambushing players with “Hello friend, I’m here to kill you like a ninja.” It would be beneficial to receive warnings or signals before anti-aircraft units appear, especially for players with a battle rating below 9.7. This is a significant problem for them.

Additionally, laser locks sometimes target incorrect locations for no reason, which is another major issue.

  1. Excessive Modification Points Some vehicles are very exhausting to play. For instance, Israeli MD500-TOW Lahatut players find it extremely tiring. The “Cover” part requiring 87,000 points for modifications is unacceptable. There are other vehicles with similar issues. These problems are significant for players. Everyone ends up using the same type of vehicles. Playing the Mi-24A is extremely easy. Ballistic computers, an excessive amount of ammunition, and low modification points push players towards specific vehicles.

  2. Game Variety Aside from these issues, I have some suggestions for improving the variety, which I hope will catch your attention. The [PvE] Helicopter Battles mode can sometimes become extremely monotonous. Ground targets are advanced, but encountering 7km range anti-aircraft units in the top tier was fun. Bringing them back might be problematic for some players, but we could find a middle ground. Adding 5km range anti-aircraft units to the game mode could be a solution.

Apart from anti-aircraft units, please remove World War II planes from the [PvE] Helicopter Battles mode. Instead, you could add B-57s and F3D1s. If these planes cruise at 600 km/h, it shouldn’t be a problem for anyone. Ka-52s already single-handedly take down all outdated aircraft fleets. Additionally, you could add fighter jets from Assault Ground Arcade to the [PvE] Helicopter Battles mode.

Finally, thank you very much if you’ve read this far. This is my first article prepared for War Thunder. Please don’t hesitate to provide feedback and be critical.

Best regards, goodbye



I always thought drones would be the better option, especially for higher rank.

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100% agree, the desync that the bots have especially in the low tier room with no autotrackers and range that isn’t much more then the engagement distance of the SPAA can make fighting the convoys very painful

yup, the fact that 9.7 is matched with top tier is pretty criminal, as you said heli’s like the killer egg or Kiowa really struggle to do anything due to their low ordnance count, the best fix I could think of is a “intermediate” room which would be roughly 9.7-10.3ish which can retain all the features of the high tier room (Rolands on bases and Gepards on convoys/ground offensives) so then the increased range of the aforementioned helicopters can actually be used effectively, while helicopters with more of a “quantity” based approach (see Hinds, Hips and Cobras) can take on the larger ground objectives.

Not a whole lot we can really change besides more mods, although better rewards would be very beneficial.

Promoting an element of challenge would help a lot and (as I previously mentioned) can give some helicopters a greater degree of use within the gamemode.

while I would like to see this, I’d suggest fighter escorts only for the top tier room where autotrackers and AAM’s are commonplace, trying to shoot down a F-80 in my AH-1F isn’t the most exciting prospect.

Good suggestion! I do think that more attention should be brought to PvE and a long overdue overhaul of the gamemode

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With the recently introduced split BR for different modes I have high hopes we will see improvements in the near future. I took out the PAH-1 once to the Heli-EC mode and never even thought of doing it again.
The game modes looks like a rushed idea… it takes a lot of work and the top priority should be optimization. Getting shot from enemies thst are underground/underwater is unacceptable.

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ad-2 and a-26 have historically been used in conflicts other than ww2, plus the ad-2 was designed post Korea if I remember correctly.

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Similar to Helicopter EC (PVP) mod . If anything the only time i had fun in “Helicopter only mod” is when it is on a map call “City”
As only in this map that the Ai targets and objective are very packing in the map and alway spawning around. So everywhere you go . You alway had somethings to shoot at or do. thus can easily gaining RP + SL and there alway plenty more for everyone and the spawn point are close to action / battlefield. So you don’t waste much time flying around. (though this create Spawncamp problem. But can be fix with strong AA protection)

So Helicopter PVE need to be rework.

1.Lot of Packing Ai in the map and constantly spawn them in

2.The spawn point need to be close to action / battlefield

3.More objective to do. (like carry supply from point A to B , Rescue operation , Hunting VIP targets , patrolling , etc

(4.Separate helicopter BR)