Put the Turms III up in br and remove its HEDP

Why is the Turms III at such a low BR? It dominants lobbies its in, even when uptiered. And there was zero reason to add HEDP to it’s 30mm coax. Other vehicles in this game needed way more attention or things they had in the real world but instead yall add a tank that had a single prototype that never had HEDP for its coax and and place it at a br where tech tree vehicles cant do a single thing to fight against it unless you sit in spawn and wait for it to round a corner. Please up br it to atleast 8.7 where it makes the most amount of sense for it in terms of balancing. And please remove it’s HEDP from it’s 30mm.


8.7 probably a little too much, but the fact that the vehicle is not balanced, but you have a t55am, which is totally unbalanced, and should be 9.3 together with t62m-1, imagine a centurion to meet t55am XD, after all, it’s absurd, even the conqueror has a problem with the t55, and what a powerful cannon, but No $$$$ gaijn.

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Did you ever play the Conqueror, or you just looked at the flat pen, and busted a load?

That tank is one of the worst tanks currently. Gun is inaccurate, the angle pen sucks, the damage is non existant, the reload time is outrageous, the mobility is like a pregnant whale in a pool of superglue, the gun depression feels like it is less, than on a soviet tank, it will be overpressured by most HESH, HEAT or HE rounds due to a bunch of 17mm thick cast hatches…

With one of the worst darts in the game. Sure.

OH NO my dart is slightly worse than the german one! What will I do now…use HEATFS, APCBC, or maybe the 600mm pen ATGM? Can’t do that, I can only shoot APFSDS


DM23 pens 180% of what T-55A’s dart pens at 60 degrees.
So no, that’s not “slight”.
And ATGM requires full control of turret, and on 5 degrees of gun depression, it’s better to use a dart.

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It has weak ammo, its stabilizer is only 2-plane, while it should be 3 plane, it has no rangefinder or NVD, both of which are already very common at 8.0 and it has zero survivability, so no, there is no justification to put it any higher.


T55s dart is pretty damn good at 8.0-8.3. Sure the russian shell does lose to the german shell, germany has a firepower advantage most of the time. Even german APDS is ridiculously strong, it can penetrate and oneshot russian tanks from 2km+ range with a bit of luck.
The russian dart really does not struggle against any armor of it’s own BR (the best armor is all russian so yeah), and when it isn’t guaranteed to work HEATFS is only a reload away (if we are talking about T55A) and even more powerful ATGM is available (if we are talking about T55AM/AMD).
Also note that T55A has the unholy combination of usable APFSDS, stabilizer, good mobility and armor at 8.0 while germans for example have to use a godawful M48 variant to get DM23 at the same BR

I whole hearted agree that the t55am1 should be put up on br. It had been uped twice since its addition. Meanwhile the Turms III has not has has a far hogher win rate and play rate then the T55.

so ? also t55am got a br decrease…
Also anyone using the dart in that one is stupid, sorry but that’s the reality
load broken ru bs aphe and enjoy 1shots, only reason for apfsds is a Maus or t95
Even in uptier you can kill most things with aphe

Back to the leotard turms, shoot the turret either left side or right side of turret and enjoy 1 shot kill ?

Now realise ppl are asking it to be 9.3
Because clearly the T-55 platform is competitive against MBT-70s and XM-1s

You really do not need APFSDS to knock out T-55s ergo the armour is functionally worthless against the majority of what it faces. The T-55AM might bully ppl who are way too reliant on HEAT in downtiers otherwise the turret is still mostly a T-55 with extra armour where you don’t want to be shooting anyway.

And there’s many reasons no serious person will ever use ATGMs.

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Well said sir!

Well that is absolute nonsense, everyone knows that the main issue here is compression, most 8.7 vehicles (especially the wheeled demons) are such massive upgrades over 8.0s that they should really be at 9.3-9.7. What that means for T55s in the current state is that T55A should go to 8.3, and AM1 to 8.7 but that won’t ever happen because it’s a russian premium.

T55 is one of the few tanks that have functional armor at this BR. APFSDS isn’t needed to destroy the tank, it seems to actually be a generally unreliable and often bounces off even with a direct hit making it a bad choice unless you have something busted such as the previously mentioned DM23. This leaves us with APDS and HEATFS. Again only germany seems to have good APDS here so people are practically forced to use HEAT or missiles which the armor can still block completely if the angle is just a bit off.

Well they are a bit overkill when your APFSDS is strong enough to pen pretty much everything

The t55am 1 received 1 decrease after being nerfed and increased twice. The Turms III has had ZERO nerfs or increases. Yet it still has the highest win rate and play rate of german tanks at that br. The two things gajin uses to determine where a vehicle sits at in br. And yet it has remained untouched and has received a buff to its 30mm that was unnecessary. Just because one tank that is broken has received a down br doesn’t mean another broken vehicle doesnt deserve to be put higher in br.

That M48 is more equal to the T-55A than either of us would normally admit.
I like that M48 myself, it’s nice.

Weak ammo? Its DM23 APDS can pen anything at it’s br, the HEATFS struggles on russian armor and the 30mm can kill anything including a T95 from the side. How is that weak?

And what does me having a t55am1 have yo do with the Turms III hoing up in br? That information is irrelevant to this discussion.

The side armor isn’t meant to protect from much.

It should be 8.7 currently.