Put the E50 and the E75 paper tank designed by german engineer to replace Panther 2 and tigre 10.5 fake paper plan

there is no need of to replace the panther 2 and tiger 2 105 with a another tank similar to those, whats needed is to fill the br gap that was left from those, the solution for the removal of two fake tanks is not to add another two but using real tanks.

Like I said earlier in the thread, “need” is a subjective word here, since we’re talking about a major nation with an insanely powerful tech tree at almost every BR. Is it the end of the world if they’re not replaced? Nope. Would it be nice? I believe so. That’s pretty much all there is to that.

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the solution for the removal of two fake tanks is not to add another two but using real tanks.

Exactly. People forget that we have east germany, who locally built a lot of soviet designs and even some of their own silly little things. When we talk about germany, most people only think of west germany - but there is a lot more that can go to them from the east than just a T-72M, and some of these things will fit nicely in the BR gaps…

Not all of these things would be copy paste vehicles, either. Local modifications were common among the east germans, because industry - especially military industry - was incredibly politically important to them. To me, though, having them as a subtree is not the move to make - instead, east german vehicles should just be embedded into the existing tech tree… it’s not like you’re going to offend any east germans by doing this, after all. They’re ultimately two versions of the same country.

Oh it does, especially for air, german air tree are getting pretty close to it ends alr but that is a topic for another discussion, point is german ground could also benefits from this too especially with some Swiss, Austria, Czech, Dutch tanks. Not to mention all the DDR copy pasta stuff but who would want that?

but what this kind of people want are the ww2 German engineers sweet dreams, which many of those “designs” are vague and most of the time nothing more than sketch

They’ll grow up. I, too, wanted the sweet dreams of WW2 german engineers once upon a time, but nowadays I appreciate most cold war vehicles. I wanted the E-75 in War Thunder too when I first moved to it after completing world of tanks when I was young. I don’t have any doubts these people are the same.

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Every tank in WT is a sweet dream. I can push my Jagdtiger to 42km/h and the transmission doesn’t blow up. You can play an early T-34 without a cupola and pay no penalty in situational awareness. You can have no turret basket and still reload the turret at any rotation angle. Sturmtigers can reload the gun in 40 seconds, from inside the vehicle.

German tanks shouldn’t even be able to rotate the turret at full speed when they’re moving, because that draws from the same engine RPM…

I think you’re unfairly categorising me as a Wehraboo, and I’ll grant you, a lot of people want these vehicles because they’re Wehraboos. But I know enough about the real world vehicles to know that War Thunder is incredibly generous in its depiction of German vehicles, and it’s very, very far from reality.

But that distance from reality is also precisely why I don’t see any issue having blueprints in. It’s just a game. My Panther’s engine will not catch fire if a smoke grenade hits the engine deck… It’s just as fake as the Panther II, even if it’s made to look like something that was indeed built in metal.

So I’m very relaxed about realism, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the vehicles we already have in the game. Therefore to me the questions with blueprints are very simple.

Are they balanced? Are they fun?

The removed German vehicles look pretty balanced and pretty fun. So I would like them to come back. If they don’t, it’s a shame, but the German tree will be amazing regardless. The end. 😌

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I agree with you, I am a big fan of the Italian P43 and P43 bis, and though both never made it to production (i believe the p43 got a prototype though), they would fill a good role in the domestic Italian tank line that ends with the P40 at 3.3. These vehicles have a use in offering something reflective of the Italian tank industry that were never built. Much of mid to late WW2 era vehicles we see in the Italian TT are just copy-paste, but were in fact used.


Yeah, but last time I suggested it, I got flamed to hell and back for it.

With what motivation?

I don’t really know. It was a really long time ago.

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Well, technically, the Panther II is accurate, more or less.

The Panther II and the Panther 88 projects are often combined, incorrectly, when they are in fact, two separate projects

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By increasing br from irl counterparts i meant it as in the case od the 10.5cm tiger 2 where rather than being at 6.7 like the tiger2 its at 7.0. The E75 or E50 could be at 7.3 or 7.0. And we all know if one of those leopards are implemented at 8.3/8.7 ppl would complain to get its br raised. Other lesser known vehicles could definitely be added if they have vehicles that would fit in the br jumps. And they still have given vehicles ammunition they didn’t ever have at low brs