Purposing new air BR system

The current BR system is work really well in ground, but it is terrible in air for my opinion. I suggest we can add a generation barrier according to the academic classification. Because unlike ground, air battle had more drastic developments and that’s why they split it into few generations. The generation gap is the major issues in the game right now, for example using F-86 vs A-10 is almost impossible IRL and I know some might said “hey, this is a game and there are some newbies which will become the turkey in the turkey shoot” but we also need to consider the balancing. I know the generation system only applied on fighter jet, but A-10 with aim-9L is already a Gen-3/4 (depends on what scholar you read) level in 10.0, while F-86 with aim-9B is still Gen-1, this show the unbalance of the current system.
Due to this, I suggest we place a generation barrier between the generation. How it works is the player will only facing same generation vehicle. For example, WWII jet will only facing WWII jet and not like current BR system where Me-262 facing whole team of F-86 and Mig-15.

So just create like 3 more top tiers?

Aka: germany wins.

Yeah… not really. It has the same “generational” problem.

What the game needs is (sing with me!) BR decompression. Expanding and spreading the BR range will create those generational gaps.
The problem is that Gaijin values low game queue times above all else (because otherwise the kiddies get bored and wander off). And anything that makes the matchmaker take longer to fill up game lobbies is not good from their perspective.

It won’t, WWII jet also not only have me 262 but also have the plane like US F-80, UK Vampire and Meteor, USSR Mig-9, Su-9, and Yak-15