Pure skill, luck, or something shady?

Hopefully, someone could elaborate on what happened with this kill.

While I was watching a path, a T55 came running across it, did a 90-degree turn, and killed me in the process. The whole process took less than a second which was both impressive and scary. Two thoughts came to mind, pure skill or some sort of cheat but I checked the player’s profile in the game and it appears like he was just really good.
However, I went back to watch the replay and just relive that moment again and I can’t wrap my head around it. When aiming in the third-person view, the small circle would follow the big circle (since the big circle indicates where your mouse is). Yet, this player’s small circle snapped onto my tank before his big circle did. For those watching the replay, slow it down to .250 since it happens too fast.
Is there a reason why the small circle would snap onto my tank before the big circle was on my tank in the first place?

3:11 minute mark

Sometimes the replay is slightly bugged (e.g., some actions went out of sync), thus the small and large circles do not always have to match. It will be difficult to pick out anything from one specific moment in my perspective; instead, try to observe the entire replay from the player’s perspective.


The big circle and small circle not lining up is normal in a replay, unfortunately. He does snap on rather quick but that’s because he made that turn, he’s turning towards you so he can get his gun on you. If you look at your 1st picture, he’s already seen you. The reason for his turn can be two-fold; either to get his gun on you faster, or to avoid your first shot which, if you’re not expecting him to make that turn, will most likely miss.