Purchasing Marketplace Skins With GE

I have a XBOX account and play on PC, I have a ton of vehicles which I really enjoy and getting a nice user skin for them would be pretty dope but I can’t.


Because console players don’t have access to the marketplace which is somewhat understandable but at least give us the option to purchase skins from crates with GE instead of forcing us to gamble.

Example: Purchasing the T-80UM2 2018 Artic camouflage with 650 GE through a chest directly instead of spinning 20 times and hoping you get one (which usually never happens).


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+1 from me. I don’t have an XBOX account anymore, but would have loved it when I did. And it shouldn’t be limited to just skins, should be all of marketplace. However I doubt this will happen sadly :(

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Yes please. I get that there are road blocks to having the full market on console, but the devs are really shooting themselves in the foot by not coming up with some sort of alternative.

There are tons of camos (and vehicles) I’d love to throw GE at… but I can’t. :P

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