Punishment towards accidental team kills

I have had a couple of incidences of playing an SPAA and accidentally shooting down a teammate who was around where I was shooting, due to luck and a skill issue. I then see quite a penalty in silver lions at the end of a match. I had mixed opinions on this and was wondering how other players thought about scenarios like this.

Well they do have a way to forgive players for team killing so it takes like 60% of the cost down but most of the time players don’t forgive the person they died to cause they are either salty about dying or they just forget to forgive them.


less punishment for accidental teamkills with artillery especially, I cant help if a teammate drives into artillery I placed


There should be no team kill in GRB except for Bombers or maybe maybe artillery. Not AC and flak

The player who died should receive the fine taken as compensation.

Maybe the player who was teamkilled can receive some spawn points back, depending on the amount of spawn points used to spawn the aircraft

Aircraft has friendly fire in all game modes they exist. If you were firing at targets close enough to a friendly plane that you killed them, you are the reason the penalties are there, to discourage firing with no regard to your allies. You have to pay attention to your fire and make sure that no friendlies are in that area. Just the same as aircraft must do with bombs, missiles, and guns. Ground vehicles in regard to other ground vehicles don’t have friendly fire because of the sheer amount of griefing that would happen if you could damage friendlys. Sim has friendly fire and people get TK bans all the time because of their lack of situational awareness.

They get a free repair if they are teamkilled.

Maybe in arcade but not in realistic.

Window to forgive them is way too small. If the screen changes from gameplay to the spectator menu, the forgive option goes away.

Since when could you forgive the teammate that killed you?

A patch or two ago.

AFAIK however it does not work in all game modes (not in sim…) - or I am doing something wrong…

The player who died should receive the fine taken as compensation.

i can easily see this being abused by squad mates to give sl

I hate “blue enemies” going all guns blazing at the real enemy I’m chasing/dogfighting. Gods’ know how many times I had to disengage from combat because of friendly fire…

How much SL do you think they are going to get before a ban comes in?