PUMA - when be reapired?

They labeled it as fixed, but seem to have forgot to fix it actually xD

They implemented it as a fast rotating module. The player must deploy it himself (together with the turret, but the module rotates faster) in the direction of the threat according to the laser beam sensor.

that’s not how its supossed to work irl, they had fixed it before the major update in the dev server so what its lacking rn its automatic functioning



Wtf, how can they call that “fixed”, while it still dosen’t work as it should

they said they are still working on making it automatic and will be automatic in the future but for now it at least moves


remember one of the comments from another report? shini even posted it somewhere in dc, it was in russian but we translated it and it was kinda vague but what we got of it was “it dosent have the automatic function yet”

Actually not

alzheimer, you were there


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