PUMA shouldn't be at 10.0

Sure, they can add a new PUMA with Spike missiles for 11.0 - 11.7.

2s38 at 10.0 gets unmanned turret too.

2S38 has working anti air capability, if anything the 2S38 needs to get raised further then since the Pumas anti air capability still isnt working

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lol the puma is invulnerable to chemical munition from the front, ircm, has a target tracking and air burst rounds (that don’t work well but still), and almost can’t be destroyed hulldown. yeah, it could get spike, if it then goes to 11.0…

did you look at the freccia and qn506?, the addition of spikes didnt raise their br much compared to other vehicles, specialy since they arent exactly working great, they are at most a 0,3-0,7 increase. 11.0 would only be discusable if all the other features get fixed like your mentioned ahead capability, the armor which isnt correctly implemented gun accurary, muss 360° feature and a lot of other stuff

yep, bot of them are carried by their missiles, the puma isn’t and is incredibly tough to kill. The puma is a beast that would be op at 10.0 with the spikes.

they arent carried by their missles, the missles have big locking issues, the autocannon most of the time are still the main weapon and like i said puma with spikes would be 10,3 or 10,7, higher br if they fix everything with the next puma illiteration

Trust me when I say the 2S38 needs to be uptiered to 10.7-11.0

To these people who never play the puma before shut up 😠 at 10.0 it easily the worst ifv in game it just like the BMP-2 with no atgm
Oh and before you said it just a skill issues I have 1600h experience