Puma/KF41 Rate Of Fire

I have made a bug report about the fire rate of the Puma and the KF41 on how their main gun the MK 30-2/ABM. Currently in-game, both IFVs have their rate of fire at 200 rpm. However, I found multiple sources stating that the MK 30-2/ABM has another rate of fire at ~700 rpm, yet when providing numerous sources to prove my point, I get a short and disappointing response to which I was/am unable to respond to in order to help my case.

Here is my bug report: PUMA/KF41 Rate Of Fire // Gaijin.net // Issues

and here is the link to the disappointing response: PUMA IFV missing burst fire setting // Gaijin.net // Issues

Why do we as a community have to provide multiple sources to have the bug report accepted and potentially reviewed, while they get to say “yeah I emailed the head of the German Army and you’re wrong”

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I think on the Skyranger variants the fire rate was increased to 700 rpm but for the PUMA and Lynx its limited to 200 rpm

1000 shots per minute, also have a mod for 200 shots per minute

This is límited to 200 rpm by fabricant and can’t be changed by gunner

Skyranger 30 fires at 1200 rpm it uses a different cannon

Little info! The 200 shots per minute are implemented incorrectly in the game… You can simply test it and count how many shots come out per second. I already made a mistake report but once again we ignore it…

If Budeswehr the user of those vehicles says that it’s 200 rpm i think it’s quite clear and no amount of secondary sources should change that.