PUMA IFV reload time after turret hit


the PUMA IFV has a problem with reloading after a hit in the turret. This manifests itself in such a way that after repairing 3 to 5 single shots (reload time approx. 5 seconds) can be fired and then a very long reload time of approx. 5 minutes occurs. From time to time it even happens that the whole thing starts all over again.
This is an incredibly long time during which the vehicle is practically useless.

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happened to me too, though it was normal, but didnt live enough to complete the reload

I’m curious, does the ammo for the PUMA reload in a rack like an AA when exhausted? Or sequentially like a tank? Could this be related to that? As if the tank is counting it as a destroyed ammo rack and trying to reload the entire rack into the gun.

It’s like in an AAA. It does reload the entire rack. But if it happens during normal playing/firing, the reload of an ammo rack requires approximatly 2 seconds …
Luckily i have spaded the PUMA recently and will probably never play it again …