PSN transfer to PC

So I sent Gaijin a request to transfer my PSN account to PC account about 2 months ago. I actually just tried logging onto my PC account and didn’t realize that I can use my PSN account on PC.
Recently I bought 5000 golden eagles to wait till summer sale to buy premium account. Today I tried buying a German starter pack and realise that I cant because my account is still linked to PSN. I checked my emails and realized that my account still hasn’t transferred and its been several weeks as the Gaijin support email stated it would be. The precautions of transferring your account says to spend all golden eagles beforehand. Now i’m extremely worried that I will lose all my golden eagles when the account transfers. Should I wait for the summer sale and risk losing my Golden eagles or should I spend them now?

Contact support and see where they are at in the process, if they have even started it. That would be your best bet.


Apparently they advise not to do that and I still don’t know what to do. :(
Appreciate the help though!