PSA: Your ammo rack order has changed

I noticed, and didn’t see this mentioned anywhere, an unannounced update change that it seems most tanks now have “ready racks” that the game preferentially fills, instead of the old ammo rack fill order documented in the Wiki. This can now be… detrimental as most are up high in the turret. Which is realistic. But you might want to check your battle loadouts.

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I’ve also heard these changes are a bug, so not quite sure what’s really going on.

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Seems too consistent to be a bug by itself. Seems like there was an intent at realistic shell placement. Like the T-34(1940) will now put a dozen rounds on the hull walls before it will start putting them in the hull bottom.
But then the Na-To shows full ammo bins no matter how many rounds carried and the racks don’t empty. So… yeah. Standard Gaijin implementation. lol

I hate that it’s in the side bustles on the tiger 1’s now :(

The ready rack on the abrams explodes now, it’s confusing, see that get lit up, and the the loader just reload it again and get hit

I mean it used to be in the front right corner, so it’s not necessarily worse, they’re both artificial nerfs anyways.

What’s weird is how there is an inconsistency in ammo display in a test drive versus a match, which would indicate there are different versions of the vehicle or at least the x-ray model for some reason.

I think I’ve only played with the ammo on the floor, so it’s new to me


This is what it was 10 only holds a few rounds so 9 is always filled despite being like a last resort extra ammo rack, snail decided it should be primary to store ammo as far away as possible from the gunner.
So 10,9,8,7 would be filled, completely abitrary.


Now it seems reversed and 1-2 get loaded.

Ahh. I normally don’t take more than 25 rounds so I don’t normally fill the sides up fully. But now I do :(

IIRC that hold out ammo as last/first, was for “game balance” to create a weakpoint in the Tiger.

That’s such a a BS reason if that’s true. It’s literally a box. Everything if flat. The only reason it’s not a “weakpoint” then was angling, which didn’t work if you got flanked, or track and barrel tortured.

If the ammo was used/loaded the old way IRL but they turned it to what it is now for an artificial nerf that is such a BS thing

Yeah I mean obviously, just an artificial nerf, the Tiger hasn’t been that good in forever that it needs an easy one shot location.

Tiger ll is the same, granted in that case at least it’s a ready rack but it absolutely ruined the survivability.
Being able to select what racks to load yourself, potentially with reload changes would be better than allowing snail to ruin vehicles this way.

This is also ridiculous.

I’ve heard that it’s different in test match and in a live match. Chally 2 apparently has different placements for both

Yeah a LOT of tanks were changed. Shermans too, all the rounds pulled up into the bustles from the floor.

Yeah it’s weird, Leopard 2 as well.



Ho Ri



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Single player custom battles will give you an indication without playing a random battle which racks are loaded now, it seems. While the test drive settings do tend to cluster the ammo in the turret racks, the actual game settings are also often different from either test drive or previous in-game, with the order still basically the same but every hull rack getting a few rounds now before any of them fill up. M4 Sherman from test drive (note curved turret rack is filled):

Same from custom battle:

The bottom hull rack, which previously used to hold the first 30 rounds, now stops after 6 and then it starts filling the bustle racks, each with a few rounds, until all the non-turret racks are partially filled. Note below with only 30 rounds (plus one in the chamber) I’m now spread across hull, 3 bustle racks and the turret base rack (older tanks don’t show individual rounds just the racks as filled or unfilled… I shot off all rounds to confirm I still actually only had 30 in that second picture).

I can’t tell which I am more annoyed about, that the code is playing musical bullets, or that this significant change was pushed to production with no announcement or notice in the CHANGELOG.


Yeah, I mean all the wiki info is trashed, plus test drive is useless to check, plus a whole lot of vehicles just got a LOT more vulnerable. Triple win.

(I don’t do dev server, but I’m trying to imagine my playing dev server and NOT noticing this to warn people, since it seems nearly every existing tank has been affected. Just saying.)

A lot of test drive changes don’t actually exist in game (at least at the moment), you have to check custom battle.

Pz IVH is unchanged in game from before (first 24 rounds in the front hull rack):

But in test drive they’re shown as up in the bustle now, inaccurately:

Too annoying and tedious to go thru and look to see if there is a pattern too it. Non wet Sherman is fun. it puts a couple of rounds in each ammo rack so it looks like you have a full load in a custom battle.