PSA: Traction is still a joke

I have time to type this right now because I’m stuck with my greasy buttery wheels in a virtual world with traction that doesn’t exist and military vehicles that have no torque in my realistic military game because the developer is too lazy to fix problematic areas in the game so instead they make everything a problematic area.

Can we get tanks that drive like tanks again please? I don’t know how they managed to take one of the coolest things, driving a 50t beast, and make it feel crappy, annoying and frustrating.

Oh you want to go up this slope? Don’t think so.
Oh you want to drive over this shoddy picket fence? Not without losing 20km/h of your speed.
Oh you want to take this corner? Not without coming to a full stop.

Go take some of all that money you’ve earned over the years, pay someone to fix these maps and actually let tanks feel like tanks again, I’m tired of this game being crippled with frustrating features and bad game design when so many of these issues could be fixed overnight, yet a decade later still persist because purely because Gaijin does not care.


What we’re hearing is you want more rank VII premiums and smaller maps. Got it


At least I won’t get stuck on slopes in these flat backyard sized maps.

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They improved it a couple of patches ago but it still sucks

It’s a mixture of poor traction and a complete lack of torque.

Gotcha, we’ll nuke any vehicle that tries to climb a slope to prevent such behavior in the future. Good day.


Its true that wheeled vehicles sliding on hard rock, instead of the ones with steel tracks, feels weird.