PS5 Servers down?

Does anyone know whats going on?

Update roll out maybe?

Yes that’s correct

yes i cant seem to get online atm either whats going on, it seems my friends on ps4 dont have any issues

Everyone on PS5 is having the same issue.

From [Smin1080p]
Hello guys

The update will be live later this evening on PS5.

here is the link

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yeah what the hell is going on? The game has been offline the entire day…

they updated the game for the new update but it hasn’t gotten to ps5 yet

update is downloading now guys XD

same here but it is still bs that we had to wait longer. Its totally unacceptable because now we are behind compared to everyone else

I understand 1-3 hours but this is ridiculous

rather have everything working rather than not working correctly which may have taken them a little longer this time