PS4 name change

So I am a playstation 4 user and I want to change my name but if I change it I am afraid that all of my progress will dissapear. I am level 100 and have many vehicles plus a bunch of premiums so please don’t troll!

You can change your name without changing your account.I think you get one free name change then have to pay for further ones.

The gamer tag you have on the PSN has to be changed - u simply use your psn gamer tag in wt. So with the auto login there is no issue or danger to lose anything,

Xbox charges for name changes (1 free)…

I would recommend “Not Sure” as new tag - but only if you are really good.
It is a famous movie reference, like BRAWNDO…

Yes i know but i am afraid i will lose all my stuff and idk if its worth risking without know 100%

Well you had your answer ,If you are that bothered then keep your name and your account.

Nah, you’ll retain everything with the namechange… You get the one free namechange, but you definitely keep your progress.

Just definitely make a good choice as to the name you choose… Maybe even check the name isn’t taken in the player search bar to avoid any #1 being added to it or something odd.