Protection analysis

I tried to see if i can use the round of the obj 292 in the hangar vs any tank
And found a problem…
i don’t have it activated since im planning on selling it
and because of that i can’t choose the obj 292 rounds in protection analysis
Anyone else having the same problem ?
Here is a screenshot
Here is the link for the bug report

did you try the search bar?

Jep here is the screenshot of it

I typed in “292” and hit enter. It pulled up the 292. Try that

tried it and ye didn’t work either

do you have your obj292 activated ?

You don’t need to have a vehicle “activated” to be able to preview or use a vehicle/ammo against it.

except i can’t choose it as you see …^^

and i still have the guess that it is because i don’t have mine activated.

yeah, i have it. very odd

I don’t have it and even when I have the 292 in preview, its own ammo is not listed in the shot analysis window, so yeah. Probably some bug in the code that doesn’t update the gun tables. Or just Gaijin being Gaijin.

probably gaijin being gaijin…^^

Have to wait for the 292 to be viewable in the tech tree.