Protection analysis bug? weird armor values and MG able to kill tanks from the front possible bug

so as the title says is it bugged or am I doing something wrong? I’m getting some weird values.


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ok this is weird but in test drive I am able to kill tanks with MG guns from the front wtf is going on

Type 89 vs T-90 lol

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can anyone else confirm?

Now that’s pretty funny. Works in battle too ?

Did not check due to logging off. I’ll have to see later on Saturday if i still have the bug.

So after checking armor seems Normal in a battle but i still have the analysis and test drive bugged like this. Seems like im not the only one.

I remember a thread where someone was using these kind of shots as a basis for them having trouble with some round shooting anything.

I think that thread got rather heated, imagine if they had to be told that it was all a bug, from the protection analysis feature, and was them genuinely picking bad shots.