Proposal to reduce Heli PVE Matchmaking player count per battle

[ Would you like to limit the Helicopter PVE matchmaking to a specific number of players?]
  • 7-8 players are enough (for a trial period), I don’t think the race for targets will be an issue.
  • I prefer 5-6 players, otherwise there are not enough targets for all.
  • No - I don’t mind competing for targets, I want to stay as it is.

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As the title suggests, this is a proposal to improve Helicopter PVE Matchmaking and gameplay all in one, swift proposed change.

This may sound surprising, but I found during my time playing Heli PVE mode that matches with a large population of players to be too crammed. In this situation, we have the following issues:

  • all players will end up competing for a rather limited number of targets on the map at a time

  • the matches can end too fast

  • players in fast helicopters or with long-range weapons will get most of the kills, while the others will struggle to perform a kill or two

  • players will leave the match early to have matches with more room for activity

Most of the time, this is how many players will decide to continue on average after ~30 minutes of battle:

Based on my experience so far, I see no reason to allow more players join an existing match due to the reasons mentioned above and I believe that it will be better for everyone to limit the player population to 6 people/match. This mode can be completed even in 3-4 players, but in this case the duration of the battle will be also extended (if people are willing to sit in the battle to the end of it).

5-6 players will be sufficient to end the entire match in 1 - 1.5 hours if the players are effective enough, while 7 or more players limit will already make the mode boring and each player will start competing with the others for targets, but this is not up to me to choose.

Thank you.