Proposal to Enhance the German Tech Tree in War Thunder with Austrian and Swiss Sub-Trees and Unique Vehicles

They don’t have to be added, I just took a list of everything they do have, not everything that should be added. This way, the devs can pick and choose what they want.

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The US doesn’t need a sub-tree but if it did there are better options than two nations that only make sense in the UK or an independent tree (Canada with ANZAC sub-tree for a pseudo-commonwealth tree sounds lovely or both getting their own tree is also is lovely)

If they did South Korea is one, the Philippines as others have said or a South American country.


German mains with more proposals, how many top tier Leopards do you need?
You have no existing relationship with the Swiss (you shouldn’t have received the Swiss hunter, it should have been British or even French!)
Germany has a sub tree all ready its called the DDR

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I wouldn’t really call the DDR line a subtree tbh, it’s a part of germany and not something like Sweden w/ Finland or Britain with South Africa

It’s a key part in german history, especially militarily

but either way, I still don’t think any of the big 3 need a sub tree at this point in time


Actually, Swiss, Germans, and Austrians, all train together and have a very good relationship. They all train together in Allentsteig.

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Here are a few proposals for Korea to educate yourself on.

The proposals in question

United Korea Ground Forces Tech Tree
South Korean Ground Forces Tech Tree
United Korean Aviation Tech Tree

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Not on my list of desperately need improvements in Warthunder.Isreal could do with a hand.

Sub trees still remain one of the stupidest things in the game IMO, they make nobody happy.

People get mad because X nation should have gone to Y nation

People who say ewwww C+P

People who say I don’t want this in my tree

Germany, USA, USSR, UK, France and China don’t need sub trees, they just need all their vehicles.
Sweden should be renamed to Scandinavia since its effectively, Sweden, Norway and Finland.
Japan and Israel, IMO, are the only trees that could use a sub tree, and even then it should just be stop gap vehicles not a full tree.

In this case I could see an Austrian sub tree to Germany, I think the Swiss tree should be independent, but again, Germany doesn’t need a sub tree, there are so many more German vehicles that could be added


They train together because they are close geographically.
You cant just add a subtree because you train together.

Germany as a nation has everything (excluding top tier aviation) It really doesn’t need a sub tree.
It has the DDR and the Bundeswehr.

Germany also have a Polish Leopard 2PL and Canadian aviation and Leopard, Argentina and Switzerland you cant have everything

Yes its key to German history but also shouldn’t be part of West Germany like Taiwan and China or if you had Russia and Ukraine in a tree. Germany should lose the DDR

Gaijin should make the Warsaw pact, with Poland, Czech, Hungarian and other nations that have unique interesting vehicles that were aligned with the Soviet Union. I hate that we have now passed the peak cold war brs and we never had a Warsaw pact.

Germany has so many interesting vehicles that Gaijin could add and do not. They do not need Soviet vehicles to be competitive or interesting.
Allowing Gaijin to copy and paste a whole “subtree” across is not good for the game. We really are ending up with every top tier nation using a Leopard an M1 or a T series tank

The only interesting nation and tank not in game is the Korean republic. Guess who just bought a ton of Korean hardware…Poland so what subtree does Poland become (German? because of the 2PL)

Or does Poland get its own tech tree…Like Germany mixed with Warsaw pact and Western vehicles?

-1, Germany has no need for either of these nations, and to answer the points:

  1. Loss of Uniqueness

The idea of Germanys’ top tier losing uniqueness is not just an issue germany has, its an issue for almost all nations in the game, the US has it with its F-16/F-15, Britain, italy and Germany all have it with the Tornado, hell half of the nations in the game have the Apache as their best heli, several of which are superior to the US one. This is what you get when you export vehicles. I would also like to add that by adding a Tech tree it removes uniqueness from other trees as well

  1. Air Vehicle Deficiency

Again, this is not exclusive to Germany, the UK tree spent over a year with their best aircraft being the Harrier GR.7, Sweden was stuck with the JA-37D before they got the Gripen, Germany has had competitive and arguably Meta aircraft for most of the games history, plus the addition of a Prototype Eurofighter with the worse RB-199 engines instead would completely remove one of the main arguments you have for the tree

  1. Inadequate Anti-Air

Again germany is not alone in having bad SPAA, the US and Britain have to use a system that doubles as a tank destroyer, meaning their Spawn costs are way higher due to it being classed as a tank destroyer, Israel (and until recently Japan) don’t even have a top tier SPAA system and has to make do with systems that are completely obsolete compared to other nations, and finally Italy has a system so absolutely horrific yet just .3 below the FlakRakRad, even though it deserves to be way lower and is worse than most 10.3 SPAA systems as well.

  1. BR Gaps

The gap from 6.7 to 7.7 is in line with completely Historical events, I hate to break it to you but late 1940s Germany (when the vehicles in this area would be built) was too busy rebuilding their nation to build many vehicles this is reflected in several other nations as well, the US jumps from 6.7 to 7.7, the UK has barely enough vehicles to make lineups between 5.3 and 7.7 (more than half of the vehicles in this range being TDs), Japan jumps from 6.7 to at least 7.3, This continues for China, Italy and Sweden at similar BR ranges


Either that or the swedes, if only due to precedent.

Czechoslovakia + Poland as one TT with Ukraine as sub TT


I like that idea

Czechoslovakia have a lots of interesting domestic vehicles that we made. The only “major” C+P would be for groudn in WW2 era and start of cold war as we start to modified T-55. For air it would cold war jets to the moder (dont know if we modified them somehow) but still air would have a unique light striker aircraft L-39s, L-159s

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Thanks for the feedback! However, I never said that adding subtrees to Germany should be something immediate or should take priority over other more demanding issues. I only said that it should be done in the future, since as time goes on, Germany will become less and less relevant while nations like Sweden are better in every single way, using the same exact Leopards, while having their own subtrees.

People think Germany is comparable to the US or the USSR in modern times, “the big three”, but this is simply far from the truth after the second world war.

Poland or Czechoslovakia are looking like they could be our next TT.

Are you forgetting the Polish Firefly and boat in the UK tree or P-47 in the US tree for Poland.

I’d say there is far more than just one. You just need to know where to look. (WW2 and maybe 50s/60s over current equipment. Also prototypes and licensed built stuff)


Well…IRL they are…not the ussr tanks…but this is Gaijin magic

Something that people who hear about Easter EU nation as a new TT dont do. Hell one interesting point for Czechoslovakia. In out TT for WW2, we would have there a mosquito. You would think that it would be a C+P, but no, we change the British guns for the German guns and mofied it to carry German bombs also

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