Proper changes for Khrizantema-S guidance system

We need a better guidance method for Khrizantema-S, so the players can choose more proactively instead of “beam riding for the first missile, then radar guide for the second missile while the first one is still on its way” in this Seek And Destroy update. I think this should help:

  1. Use the Switch guidance method to switch between beam riding mode or radar guiding mode for the missiles

  2. While using beam riding, if we turn off the radar, the radar should be retracted into the hull like the old updates

Also, we need the “Weapon Deploy” key bind for the tank using special weapon systems, instead of being automatically disabled when moving



Yes! Gib some love for the khrizantema, what is actually in a poor state

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I see many ATGM carriers in this game share the same problems. I hope that they make a better change too

I have a problem with the ATGM Launcher where it floors the missile when aiming from behind a cover. The white circle aims to high for the circle where your mouse points to. I want to see if other people have the same problems because it makes the Khrizantema unplayable for me.


Gaijin seem to think ATGM’s fly like that, which is of course ridiculous.

It’s clearly a balancing thing as no one could look at them how they are and think “great job!”

It is insane because it made the Khrizantema unplayable like it was before. I have to get out of cover and fire. Most of the times i am dead then because they see me but i cant do anything against them.

All SAM’s and ATGMs suck now gaijin decided the realistic changes were 1. Realistic… Lol 2. Positive for gameplay. The fact is the only reason it was brought in was because helicopters like the ka50 was able to just spam multiple agm’s and overwhelm spaa’s with only a few SAMs, atgms were always at a disadvantage to guns, and cas was hard enough to deal with, now we have systems like the roland dropping in BR because the missiles are trash and people actively avoiding using atgm vehicles in general. They’ve made everything less responsive especially over longer ranges which it amplified by it being implemented over a online server connection… Yeh they feel ok in test drive… The moment you’re online with other players the missile jank kicks in.

Also, we need the “Weapon Deploy ” key bind for the tank using special weapon systems, instead of being automatically disabled when moving

I’d be so happy if we could get this for the Shturm-S as well. It’s so incredibly infuriating.

Not that it would save the Shturm-S, but it’d be a nice QoL.

I’ve ground out all of Russia ground except for about half of the TD line, because the Shturm-S looked like it’s trash just from stats. The launcher is at the very back of the hull with only 5 degrees of gun depression, and the reverse is trash. That alone is a major red flag.

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What’s funny is that they nerfed Khrizantema, but still didn’t fix its radar bug. I guess it became a feature.