Prop planes at high BR

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of prop planes at a BR around 7.7 while I’m using a jet fighter.
I don’t believe that’s it’s a problem to take a prop fighter at high BR but the problem is the rewards I get frow grounding them.

In a recent game I killed an IL-2, an I-15 and 2 PE-8 (the last one killed me too) and got only 800 RP as a reward.
I understand that the RP amount comes from the BR of the vehicle you killed so I don’t get a lot by killing old planes.

The problem is, they were the only planes around and i succesfully downed all of them and got pretty much nothing for it.
Older planes are supposed to be easier to kill, but downing a PE-8 is still a nice feat since it’s pretty well defended.

So, since there is no limit to the plane you can bring in high tier battles, what about also removing the limit to the RP gains and having a standard amount ?

A kill is a kill right ? Especially on bombers and attack aircrafts.

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Unfortunately, in wt it is terribly stupid, gaijn promotes killing, for example, abrams bt-7, and such bt7 gets a lot of rp and sl, and you kill him Abrams you will not get anything, it is stupid and should be removed from the game not to promote such behavior, and should not punish players who kill a player in bt-7, zero number of prizes.

Yes but at least a BT-7 isn’t going to do much against an Abrams.
A 500kg bomb on the other hand, does the same damage if it’s dropped from a jet or a museum piece.

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ExampleBt-7 is just an example, the one with your bombs is also good, unfortunately gaijn will not change it anyway, it was enough to give that to the Line of vehicles, you can take +1-1 era, and lower you can not, on ships it is so with planes only there it is based on br, and it is good.

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Oh no. In naval you can choose vessels down to the lowest BR. And that is a very good thing. For a vehicle-sandbox in general and for the usage of tiny torpedo-boats or destroyers against BBs in uptiers especially.

But I’m just talking about planes in ship mode

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You should not see any 7.7 planes in naval - planes are limited to 1 BR “step” above your maximum naval BR in your lineup - max naval at hte moment is 7.0, so max polane is 7.3.

But here are still a few Me-262’s at and below 7.3, plus some US jets.

That said - the 3 planes you listed are 4.3 for Pe-8, 3.3 for Il-2, and reserve for I-15, so if you have a high BR plane shooting them down then the same logic applies for the tank examples given - you get less BR because htey are low, and you are high. Pe-8 is not well defended against fast props or jets!

To kill one of the top MBTs with a BT7 or anything alike one on one, a player needs to be extremely lucky and skillful. I would say it is fair to give extra rewards for it.

Most of the time driving a low tier vehicle is suicidal even for those who trying to spawn a CAS by scouting or capturing the points. It is the choice of their own, and I don’t think it’s reasonable to ban certain user behaviour because of its stupidity.

I mean Gaijin themselves has put a prop plane at 7.7 lmao.