Promo/regestration Codes

I was wondering what are currently the best registration bonuses or promo codes, there are some with 7 days premium, but I saw one with 7 days premium, the small additional bonuses and 3 aircraft/vehicles of level 2 for 7 days, but only for Soviet Union, is there something like that for other countries? the other bonuses usually only contain 1 premium ship, aircraft/plane of level 1?

as examble this one : War Thunder — Registration
but instead of the yak1 a other tier 2 plane from a other country

here are a couple codes i know of that work. they are only for decals, you need to go onto the store and click on “code redeem” to then enter the codes individually

PO-LI-GON for the Russian butcher decal

WTBUTCHER for Sergey Chikhachev’s sticker

UUGIRLDECAL for an anime girl decal

thanks, but are they aren’t regestration bonuses, does anyone got some?

This post includes a sheet with registration links