Project 123K Motor Torpedo Boat (Grad-P) - "What if we just put rockets on everything?"

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Project 123K Motor Torpedo Boat (9P132 Grad-P)

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Coastal vessel, Egyptian Pr.123K torpedo boat with an added MLRS at the front.

In 1970, Egypt received six Soviet-built Project 123K torpedo boats from Syria. They (or at least two of them) would be refitted with a new navigation radar and an 8-barrelled Grad rocket launcher, much like the Egyptian Project 183 torpedo boats. They participated in the Yom Kippur War, bombarding Israeli positions with their rockets in the early stages of the war.

One of these boats was captured in port by Israel during its Suez campaign, and it is currently displayed in the Clandestine Immigration and Naval Museum in Haifa. Another one was sunk during the war, and the remaining four were scrapped around 1983.


1x2 14.5mm KPV
2x1 450mm TT
1x8 122mm 9P132 Grad-P rocket launchers
4x1 DCs

~23 tons full

Length: 19.4m

Beam: 3.4m

Draft: 0.77m

Propulsion: 2 M-50 diesel engines, 2000 hp, driving 2 shafts

Speed: 50 knots (92.6 km/h)

Range: 450 nmi (at 35 knots)

Crew: 9

Navigation radar



The info plaque from the museum


Egyptian coastal boats and rocket launchers - an inseparable pair! I already love the Pr. 123k, so this only makes it better! +1