Progression of getting camouflage

Getting camouflage seems to be a cumbersome process. (Most likely it is just a symbolic quest, but…) Earlier on i wrote in other rather old post about same topic 3 times, and then I was not allowed to write more posts, i t seems to me editing is not an option. My previous posts as follows:
1: JAN 14 “Not only they need a lot of kills to get this camouflage, but also it shows in the beginning af finish line of, say 900 points (5 for each kill) but once you get close to the 900 ponits you find out that now you need even more points, one of my tank presently requires 1210 points, but it started out with 900. Not fun to do a marathon where the finish line is constantly moving away from you…”
2: JAN 17 “Update on this camouflage. Once I reached the 1210 as mentioned in previous post, the finish line jumped to 1320 - rather frustrating as the marathon gets longer and longer… Wonder where finish line might be (if any)”
3. JAN 23 “Yet another update: Now I reached 1320, it jumped to 1430, wonder where the finish line actually is. This vehicle is an M60A1 AOS. In the XM 803 I also use in this line-up reached the finish line at 1050…”
Just to keep the odyssey going.
Today I reached the 1430 line, however that was not the finish line either. Now it jumped to 1540. There is a little Buzz Lightyear over this: To infinity (and beyond)
Sharing this to find out whether this is something seen by many players, or it just might be me?

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Its just another gimmick to get you to breakdown and use (buy) GE.

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Wait, are you talking about this jumping to higher number:

It jumped because you achieved one camo, so it changed to next camo.

Because you got Late Summer Camo

Now you are getting next camo, Summer verdan camuflage MERDC

Finish line depends on how many camos there is. On M60 there are quite a lot, so you have more camos to get = more points. 1540 one is the last from what I see


I really wish the camouflages were based of mission score in the vehicle. Lots of tanks I get tons of assists/scouts with but almost no kills because of the nature of the vehicle.


Thanks your input, I learnt something today. Why this particular vehicle has several camouflages I can just wonder, as the most useful is not there - the cloaking camo - to be honest this tank is certainly less dangerous to the enemy than its ‘sister’ M60 A1 RISE, probably due to its ammo selection.

Most vehicles apart from the chinese ones have multiple camo. If you want to see just how many unlockable ones a certain vehicle has, click your name in the upper middle left part of the hangar and go to “skins”.
If you own the vehicle, you can also click customization and there’s a drop-down list for available unlockable camos there too.

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Yeah I’m cursed with this. I play lots of different nations and I gave up on getting perfect one shot kills. I often get 6-9 assists in ground realistic but only 1-2 kills. Sometimes I get 90% of my score from capturing points and assists.

Unlocking the camoflagues is fun. I like the Japanese, Italian and French camoflagues. I paid for some a while ago, now I just unlock stuff, generally the desert and winter camo I get for free. And I’ve earned a lot of them.