Profile Pictures

With the changes on the forum to use either generic letters or in-game profile pictures, we could do with a larger selection of profile pictures. The ones we have are rather limited and if you only play a small part of the game, such as 1 or 2 nations, then your choice is further reduced. It would be good to see additional profile pictures added. Prehaps not only people, but of various specific vehicles as well as military emblems


More profile portraits or avatars will be added over time, if you have suggestions for some, you can also make suggestions for them as well

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What? I need to do extra effort to have unique avatar? Blasphemy!

When they actually finish the section of the forums for creating suggestions.

But when was the last time we got new profile pictures. Based upon the pilot in front of a lightning. It was a while ago

Few days ago on Twitch Drops event.

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You can earn profile pictures in the month to month History achievements.
You can also buy them in the work shop.

Yeah, but they could add grindable profiles pictures for Italian sailors, and for French sailors too.

I am aware of the policy about WWII axis pictures, but does this apply for “known personalities” only or for random soldiers/pilots?

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Juat would be good to get some more. I dont think we have any for rank 7 or 8 vehicle yet, for any nation. Id like one for a Tornado for example akin to the lightning one

This. So far the only 2 pictures for those navies were from the most expensive preorder packs.

Some new pilot profiles would be awesome as well.