Profile Pictures for Subtree Nations


I’d like to gather feedback and ideas regarding the potential addition of profile pictures for subtree nations.

Briefly about the idea
The following subtrees should receive profile pictures of their own: South Africa (UK), Hungary (IT), ROCA/Taiwan (CN), and Finland (SWE). If wished for, the list of countries could be expanded to include nations with multiple vehicles in one tech tree, for example Argentina which has a total of 4 tanks in the German ground forces tech tree.

How to obtain the profile pictures
The profile pictures would be obtainable by achieving a certain number of kills with a vehicle belonging to the specific subtree/nation. This is the exact same way most existing profile pictures are obtained.

How the profile pictures would look
The profile pictures would preferably be based off real images, however, if no suitable image is found, the profile picture could be completely “made up”. Like all other profile pictures, the new ones would be drawn in the same style as the existing ones. The pictures would relate to the type of vehicle that is used to obtain them.
The South African profile picture for ground forces could depict a South African tank crewman posing in front of his tank.
The profile pictures for air forces would have the same style.

Complete list of subtrees and nations subjectable to the idea:
South Africa (UK; full subtree)
Hungary (IT; full subtree)
ROCA/Taiwan (CN; full subtree)
Finland (SWE; full subtree)
Canada (US, GER, UK; 5 tanks)
Australia (US, UK; 5 tanks)
GDR/East Germany (GER; Aerial subtree, 2 tanks)
Countries with premium/squadron/event vehicles only:
Romania (IT, GER; 5 vehicles)
India (UK, 2 vehicles)
Turkey (US, IT; 2 vehicles)

Based on the feedback from this post I will decide whether I should make a proper suggestion about it or not.
Do you support this idea?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Other
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If there is anything you would change about the idea, or if I have forgotten something, please speak up. If you vote “Other” in the poll, please explain your thoughts about the idea. If you want to, feel free to share any image that could serve as a base for a profile picture.
Remember to remain respectful and nice in the comment section.


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I’d say yes, but only for actual sub-trees is it an actual priority.

This would be Finland, Hungary and South-Africa.
The other mentioned countries would be nice, but perhaps not to a large scale until they are formally announced as either full- or sub-trees.

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Yes, I agree. That was the main idea, the other countries were only mentioned as additional possibilities.

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Bruh i would die if they made a bunch of pics from during wars or conflicts showing people with cats as having a friendly pet around helps bring up morale. Not to mention there are a ton of historical photos for different sub nations. Like the ystervark crew who took a photo with the mig 23 they shot down(bros got uptiered…)