Problem with the IT-1 missile

When your IT-1 missile is destroyed and you press the repair key, it shows the clock as if you are repairing but it doesn’t, the module stays destroyed and tells you to stop the vehicle for repair (I have the repair module unlocked so it’s not that). My friend says it doesn’t show the sign for an alido to repair either. This bug makes the tank unplayable

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I remember I had an issue like that, but for the love of god I don’t remember what I did to fix it(it was client side).

Does this always happen? Try verifying files.

I got the same problem twice in only 11 games. If the mount is destroyed you can repair it but the missile don’t seem to count as a part of the tank. If it don’t expode it can’t be repaired nor reloaded.

Turning the missile into a munition that can explode may balance the vehicule but making it unplayable if its most vulnerable and exposed point is hit seems quite an important bug to fix.

Also you can’t set the amount of missile you want to take when starting a mission. its not particularly useful in this vehicule but it would be nice to have it anyway.