Problem with STRV103 = unplayable and unbalanced

No because IRL STRV103 have 2 engines and 2 transmissions if one is destroyed it can move and retreat so actually the tank is unbalanced and unrealistic and the unplayable thing is the hull aiming totally broken

Yeah, no, the engines yes, transmission, no, it’s a dual interchange transmission, if one part goes down the rest will stop, and one of either engine goes down, it would be almost completely un-maneuverable, at a top speed of 5-9 mph on rough terrain with turbine, and no aiming with the diesel. It’s completely unthesible to run it with one engine, and almost impossible, it would be better to bail out then try and continue fighting and let an engineering/recovery vehicle pick it up after the others advance to the next controlled territory. And before you or someone else says that it should be faster because of horsepower of the turbine, no, it’s tourqe that makes it easier to drive the tracks. Further, I’ve played the Strv 103 for multiple years, if you think the hull aiming is bad, you should have been around hull aim then.

Skill issue, if you use it on big open maps it outclasses basically anybody on its BR and higher. Small silhouette, LRF, great optics, amazing reload, ability to go hull down, amazing survivability. If you are getting your transmission destroyed regularly it means you are playing it wrong. It cannot be used as casemate tds for example jagtiger, it is pure sniper tank.


Or in other words, real world tactics = real world survivability. If you’re playing this in, for example, fields of Poland, if you intentionally go to the city and CQB, you have the intellect of a rock. There’s a reason it’s a high mobility, long range, NATO hill rider playstyle.

lmao are you stupid ? Your brain is skill issue too for said that. How can you play this tank on 75% of the map on this game who are CQC ? With a hull aiming broken ? On a br full of missiles, heli and APFSDS ?

Welp you just confirmed that you don’t know what are you doing.

You dont, unless you want to play disadvantaged, what is so hard to understand about “pure sniper tank” lol

It is really not

Nice forum buzzwords. If you are dying to tank based atgms on open maps it is your skill issue, they are easy to notice and evade. Helis dont have it easier to kill strv 103 than any other 8.0 tank. If anything I would say it is harder for them. Apfsds sure will pen you in uptier, just like every other 8.0 tank. What about ap, aphe, early heat and apds shells that cant pen your ufp when you are playing in downtier? Seems you wouldnt know since you are dying exposing yourself.

This thread actually caught me by surprise that I didn’t know Sweden was suffering at 7.7/8.0 since I haven’t researched the tech tree yet, always find them to be a menace when I play 7.7 judging by how many times I got killed by the rat when it’s literally sitting right in front of me, and then the cheese wedge looking thing is pretty much frontally immune to anything I tossed at them, only way to kill them is through engine fire or flanking after taking out its engine. And then the addition of VIDAR further making them the most annoying nation to fight against.


It IS, you never play this tank, go check every player of 103s and they say you the hull aiming is completly broken, read the messages of other players about it

Same problem than LOSAT, the Map are from Mario kart, Justin, Napalmratte, Panzerblitz, Malzi, Zenturion, etc say their is a problem with these tanks because 75% of the Map are CQC so it confirm that your brain is skill issu, you are an arcade player and you are just good player in RB so idk why you speak

Lmao sure buddy, I never actually played this game, all vehicles on my account were grinded by my pet cat. You are welcome to not adress anything I actually said and try to insult me with your broken english but that will not change the fact that you suck and will suck on this vehicle.

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LMAO I’m better than you, go check thunderskill, you are just a stupid kid, you are top 194912 in ground RB and I m top 11295 so who need skill please ? All of my stats are superiors to yours so cope

If your playing the basic 103 A then that’s why, just buy the 103 C but new foldering of vehicles makes it harder to get it if you want it. I’m a fairly unlucky and bad player but still have a positive K/D with it because it’s about how you play it, not that “it’s good on paper, so it should be good when I play it” that’s not how it works, it’s just like real life, you put in the effort to play it, you get positive results, it’s an unorthodox tank, and an unorthodox play style, if you don’t have a tank for every combat situation/map style, then that sounds like a you problem.

I play it on the daily every chance I get, it’s not broken in any way, if you think it’s broken, then your not being very strategical with your positioning or being on a hill at a 45° angle. I played hull aiming tanks when it was actually an issue, try to go back to a patch where it was like that, then you’ll really say it’s garbage and overteired.

Also just because you waste your life away on this game doesn’t mean that everyone who doesn’t is trash, just use your brain for something other than negativity and you’ll realize and even though the tank is made for sniping, you think you should play it as a CQB vehicle, it’s designed for hills and steppes, like the Swedish terrain, that’s why they had other tanks, for example the centurion for urban combat and light troop carriers to deal with light or unsuspecting vehicles. And if you can’t use simple CQB tactics to win a CQB fight then you really don’t know how to play it, use your superior speed in both directions and your superior reload to bait them out by thinking you don’t have a good reload, if they are retarded like most, then it will work. Other than that, call in some help, it’s a cooperative game, not a solo hold off the whole damn team simulator, and even at this point, if I need to send a clip of me killing almost an entire team before getting beaten by CAS and T-55A-1 working in conjunction to defeat me, again, cooperative game, I killed about 5-7 people on an CQB map, using tactics and a bit of dumb knowledge, to be specific, it was Advance to Rhine Battle mode.

I’m just responding to the other person who shouted about the skill issue without having any real valid arguments because he’s not better

says that to 75% of the playerbase who play solo, leave after one death and do not check the map

no, it s like the VT1-2, the targeting is jerky and not very precise, it jumps, does not follow a moving target smoothly etc., I played the tank from its pre-order and it was much better in every way, whether targeting or balancing

I’ve never had an issue since the hull aiming update before last. Dispite everything else, I agree it is a bit overtiered. Maybe a lower to 8.4-8.5, but any lower would be too overpowered, oh and, the VT-1-2’s “twitchiness” is because it has like double the horsepower of the strv 103 and your sensitivity is too high

the only time this system was correct was when it was released on preorder and at the time of the release of VT1, they wanted to modify it afterwards and since then it has become hell even if there has been a slight improvement since a time

Seeing as I’ve never owned the VT-1-2, I can’t say anything on it, but on test drive, I have no issues. If you don’t have a 60+ crew on your STRV 103, or don’t have all of your points poured into targeting, there’s a major issue.