Problem with STRV103 = unplayable and unbalanced

The STRV 103 has become unplayable, since gaijin removed the ability to retaliate when your transmission or engine is destroyed the tank has become the worst victim of the 7.7 and 8.3, 95% of the time you get your transmission or engine pierced from the front by any vehicle (and yes the zsu 57-2 deactivates the transmission of the 103 from the front and at 800m, once these modules are destroyed your tank becomes a real pinata without you being able to defend yourself, adding to that the hull aiming a buggy horror and the tanks with arrow shells and heatfs that pululate and pierce you from any angle and the repair time greater than 30-40 seconds for a transmission or track module with a full expert crew, you have the combo of the unplayable tank and which is a pure victim. The least thing would be to put back the possibility of aiming as before when these modules are destroyed so that you can have a minimum chance of doing something from your part and that you can at least defend yourself otherwise this tank deserves to be deleted like the Maus so much it is unusable

Aaaaaaand, how do you want move when your transmission are dead? It is the same issues for all casemate gun…


question of balancing, like some soviet tank are artificially buffed and broke the reality in the game, in the actual state just delete all of the STV103 (and for information the german VT1-2 can move if it’s engin/transmi are destroyed)

I dont play that tank recently.

But that fact dont change for others TD: when the tramission or engine are out, the can’t move and they die fastly …

The difference is that the other casemate tanks have a gun travel contrary to the 103 attached to it at the hull so they can defend therselves a minimum. In addition, his br is full of arrows and missiles of all kinds that pierce him from all angles, and his only ammunition has been nerfed like all APDS, I took him out over ten games and the K/D is close to 0, you are a pinata and you are useless for your team, the tank immediately went to the hangar to never be replayed in its current state.
And having discussed with other Swedish players I’m not the only one to say it, it’s really unplayable and if they don’t want to modify it, delete it from the game because it’s taking the players for idiots and if it’s is a question of it’s too difficult to balance, the solution is simple remove it like the Maus and at least there will be no more problem

The solution is for Gaijin to stop being lazy and give the Strv 103s their historical 2 engines and 2 transmissions, where if one engine or transmission is broken, the other will still function and let you move. It would greatly improve survivability as if the shot is not aimed with the dual engine / transmission layout, at least one engine and transmission are likely to survive letting you retaliate or retreat.


yes true but if they can’t do this let the vehicle move without transmi or engine like before, it’s simple

Fighting this thing in WWII tanks with full caliber AP or APCR is unfair and unbalanced. Insane rate of fire with APDS that slices through anything it faces, while being basically immune in return.

The rebalancing of WWII and Cold War era tanks can’t come soon enough.


Well what do you expect with a tank that doesn’t have a turret in any form and the gun is fixed to the hull and whose whole traverse relies on the ability for the hull to move. The thing with the Strv 103 is that the best way to play it is to use it as it was designed which is from long range and whenever possible hull down behind a hill, when you use it like that its a menace, if you gotten to a point to where your sides are exposed you already dug your own grave by letting it happen if you are not sitting at range, and if you do get to the point you are frontally getting penetrated well there not much you can do, you probably got a uptier and have to deal with the same issues as any other vehicle in an uptier.

I honestly don’t think you went very far if any to ask any Swedish players on how the strv 103 is or you ended up asking the people who might be using it wrong, you call the current strv 103 unplayable, that’s laughable. When the strv 103 was first added the thing was absolutely incapable of staying still to aim on literally and I do mean literally the smallest slope where you are leaning at all, literally it would swing left and right violently and aiming was out of the question, the strv 103 now by comparison is actually functional. Also the reason the Maus was removed was never because it was unusable, it’s because it was hard to balance because it suffered in an uptier and in a downtier it could dominate matches.

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As I said before and please read the whole thing:
1- I’ve been playing the tank since release and it was much more playable when it was released, the aiming mode was more reliable, you could defend yourself and it didn’t there weren’t as many APFSDS at his br and the APDS was still viable at that time.
2- How do you think I play it lol? on the open maps I stay at a distance but even at a distance greater than 1000m a ZSU 57-2 (lower br you will note) pierces you from the front without any difficulty and deactivates the transmission and turns you into a pinata so let me laugh
3- And as said before, delete the STRV 103s if they are like the Maus and too difficult to balance or modelize (and yes as the previous person mentioned, they are supposed to have separate transmissions and motors so that it can defend itself or fall back in case of destruction of the second transmission or engine block) so no the current tank is very badly coded, modeled and balanced and needs a complete rework quite urgent because it is more than useless in its current state

The Tiger IIs and panther at 6.7 pen the strv103s from front easily at 2000m so no since the last update

I have yet to frontally pen the STRV103 with any full caliber AP or APCR. Even 120mm AP from the T34 or M103.

Just shoot here with any AP and the 103s can’t defend itself


Sure, aim for a very small weak spot that may not actually be a weak spot (379mm effective armor but M358 tops out at 300mm), while the STRV103 pumps out APDS that slices right through everything it faces.

not my 103s, zsu 57-2 pen me from front at 800m, AMX 50 surbaissé pen me with no problem. A Tiger II P pen me easily from front too

Aim at a spot well below the main gun on an extremely small, easy-to-conceal vehicle that has a gun that can reliably pen my turret cheeks and kill my crew, fires four times as fast, and somehow hope that the drivetrain doesn’t eat my own shot and the spall reaches far enough to kill a crewman?

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Been playing a few matches with Strv103-0 in the line up.
It’s better then when it was introduced, but still has a lot of issues:

  • 9/10 time if you are hit transmission and fire. which means added delay for repair until fire is out. no other tank in all my line ups burns as much and consistent as the Strv103;
  • Still has a lot of problems with stable aiming when not perfectly on a flat surface;
  • Mobility and acceleration is pathetic on most surfaces, even in AB it struggles to remain above 35kph in some terrain;
  • when coming to a stop and switching to aim mode the hull always dips a lot, hydropneumatics suspension shouldn’t drop that much;
  • vehicle seems to suffer a lot from non penetrating hits, which knock you of target and the particularly the elevation struggles to re-align, even canon fire from planes is sometimes a problem;

Play it as a TD even if it’s marked as a medium tank, it’s NOT;
Since a play AB the small profile is useless since everybody sees where you are anyway, it’s just a little more difficult to hit.

It’s high RoF combined with a solid APDS, if you get on the flanks you can inflict good damage.
The absence of HEAT-FS on all variants for me lacks versatility, since i like to carry like 4 for lights and or Helicopters.

The aiming and dampening of the suspension should be improved even further, there are clips on YT that show Strv103’s pushing away large boulders / trees while traversing the hull.

Swedish Stridsvagn 103 (Strv 103) S-Tank - YouTube skip to 4:17

further on in the clip you see how stable it is on roads and doesn’t dip when slowing down on the engine only when braking it dips, due to the shorter track length i suppose.

I was very excited when they added this since it’s a very unique vehicle, that actually served for the better part of 30 years, with the necessary upgrades off course (A-D)

And if Wiki is accurate from the B version on it got -11 to +16 on the suspension, now the C still has -10 to +12.

With the D version, we could have the C variant with TVD and maybe even a better round like the ones found on the Strv105 the Slpprj m/90c (DM63)

I have returned to the game after 6 months, precisely one of the vehicles that I am using is the 103 premium to investigate the entire line of the Finns.
Honestly, I don’t know if it’s because I’m fresh in the game, 103 is op or gaijin has created an algorithm to make me happy for the first few days, but 103 is working very well for me, too well, even having the problems you mentioned on tank works much better than a year ago.

In 4 days playing about 6 battles a day with the 103, I have investigated 3 vehicles, t54, Swedish gepard and t55, I haven’t seen this in war thunder since 2016.

The 103 … premium … all is said. Try regular ones plz.
I came here to see if it was a real issue or if i missed something on strv103.
@Baske_74 answered it :

  • Still has a lot of problems with stable aiming when not perfectly on a flat surface;

When you have to turn from 0.5°, the aiming goes up/down … slowly … you need 3s at least to aim properly. Why is it so unstable ? Jagdpanzer IV for example or any vehicule of this kind do not have this issue !

Only good way to play it (and i hate this) is : Take a line, well hidden and wait someone come in without doing any move of any kind (then shoot, hide, wait, come back, wait …) … sooooo fun !

It’s not unplayable, it’s just unbalanced, and the transmission/engine thing is realistic, if you don’t like realism, go play WoT

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