Problem with matchmaking

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but what is the problem with this NATO combo 8.7 rb that we have been waiting for for 6 minutes to be able to play a damn game… (useless matchmaking that never gives you what you need)

Could be entirely wrong here. But my hunch’d be: 2 of the big tree (US, Germany, USSR) + a minor-ish (?) tech tree


I’m confused mostly because I would like to know if they want to make them realistic matchmaking or should they make them completely mixed without breaking the so-called…

U R wrong.

We are in the doldrums before an update. Queue times are always longer right now.

Matchmaking depends on what players are available at any given BR and nation. Feel free to go play custom battles if you don’t want to wait.

If you think it’s just for an update you’re very wrong, it’s always been like this…
until they make the battles completely mixed we will have to die of old age to play a game

Idk, only thing that makes me mad is 10.3+ air pretty much being a free-for-all nation vs nation.

Guess they cant please everyone…i personally would like to have national teams in arcade…even if i had to wait more :)

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