Problem with Battle Pass Challenge Blitzkrieg

Battle Pass: Season XII, “Armour Breaking Ambusher” Challenge Blitzkrieg says:
“Destroy a specified number of player vehicles while driving a tank at a speed of at least 30 km/h”

I did that many times with rank III vehicle in Ground AB destroying enemies while I was moving much more than 30 km/h and it didn’t count!?
Any experience?

the different missions only start at a specific date not all at once or need a specific battle pass lvl, the mission your are talking about requires you be lvl 40 in the battle pass

I’m at lvl 41

hmm , i am not that far yet so i cant say much about the question, it might be bugged or you werent 30km/h fast when you actualy did the killing shoot

I was paying attention to the speed, sometimes I was moving even more than 50km/h… I was hoping that there is someone who has done this at least one time otherwise I’m starting to suspect that there is a bug. Please when you get there let me know did you manage to do it at least one time.

I manage to do it once in Ground RB

so… just not fast enough?

That would be logical conclusion but I have the impression that it doesn’t work in Arcade where vehicles are significantly faster and I did kills on the move. Maybe 30 km/h is for Realistic mode and in Arcade the required speed is higher…

Can I ask how?

We are on day 14, so maximum points available for login/easy/medium/special tasks including today is 154.

To that you can add:

  • 3 points if carried over a medium task from season 11
  • 2 x 30 points for the first two challenges
  • 30 points for L21 challenge
  • 150 points for improved battle bass

So… 154 + 3 + 30 + 30 + 30 + 150 = 397 (level 39.7)

Unless I’m miscalculating or missing something, the L40 task shouldn’t even be open for anyone yet?

As for the task itself, last time we had this one when we needed to go a bit faster (season 8 - 40km/h), I got it done quite quickly with the R3 T20 FA-HS.

Just needed to find an area on the map with a long stretch of relatively flat/clear terrain, get the attention of fighters, then put the foot down and get up to speed before they reach me/I kill them.

Might be a bit harder this season though, given the unit marker changes for fighters in Arcade GB

You are missing the third Challenge called “Unstoppable Offensive” at level 21.
So it’s 3 x 30 points.

I included that - see 3rd dot point

What about 14 Special tasks?
14 x 5 = 70 points

That’s part of the 154

14 x 1 for login = 14
14 x 2 for easy = 28
14 x 3 for medium = 42
14 x 5 for special = 70

14 + 28 + 42 + 70 = 154

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Yeah I believe you. Wasn’t meaning to suggest that.

Just don’t know how you’ve got there as doesn’t seem to have been enough points available yet.

Did you buy one of these?

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Yes, I did.
Anyway, the problem is that I only managed to do the task once in RB, while using the same vehicle in AB and doing it many times it didn’t count. I saved some Replays.
I would appreciate when somebody reaches this task to share the experience because I’m starting to doubt that I’m wasting time and losing battles and SL while going Kamikaze to get that one kill while rushing at enemy well over 50 km/h because somebody has made a mistake.

OK, it started to work in Arcade as well.

Challenge completed. The catch was not to drive the vehicle automatic on MAX by double tapping E but manually by holding W.

this… seems like a bullshit bug @Smin1080p do you know if this is intended?

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