Price for prem vehicles increasing

Unless I’m reading this wrong - gajibbles is being gajibbles.

You’re now going to see 70+ dollar vehicles in a heavily monetized game. Which I think is on the level of a sim like DCS.

So they just bump up the rank (literally no effort or anything) and decided to raise the price too.

Gaijin makes bank of this game and this is just straight up greedy.


Devils advocate here; they’re saying some premium vehicles are increasing in price, is this not referencing some other premiums that may be increasing in rank like the IS-6? (idk I haven’t fully checked everything)

It seems really silly to increase the price of things like the AV TURMS etc. because the increase in rank is completely meaningless without Rank VIII vehicles, there’s no value to it

The price shouldn’t increase on any vehicles.


This just shows that prices are 100% arbitray and have no correlation to anything.

They even fucking advertise that you should buy them soon inorder to still get them cheaper.
Unless they ask everyone who owns the vehicles to cash out the extra now it will be unfair for anyone else.

I am not buying the rank,. I am buying the vehicle.
Othjerwise there should be a clear line for costs in GE and real world money made.

No more 6000GE Rank 3 vehicles or 4800GE Rnk IIs or 3000GE Rank Is
make it all uniform and you can raise prices based on that. But Right now Rank seems to not matter. BR seems to not matter. (for store vehicles Rank at least plays some part but for pure GE vehicles?)

Right now this is nothing but a cash grab.


They could have just came out and said hey these vehicles are moving up a rank so they will make better rewards (which is great) but then when they say they are going to charge more that’s insulting.
If you already have the vehicles great but as you said they are just like WELL BETTER BUY EM UP AND IF YOU CANT AFFORD THAT RIGHT NOW YOURE GOING TO PAY EXTRA BUDDY HAHA.

The solution is simple. A product needs demand to stay high in price.

Thats not how it works in such games… Like not at all… Demand can only exist when supply is a variable. PIXELS DO NOT HAVE A SUPPLY

Simple as that. Prices in such games are 90% arbitrary. Nothing to do about that. We don`t know what gajin wants for each manhour. But this also makes changing prices so hard. Because everyone (should) know that the prices are just RNG with spices.

There’s shareholders to satisfy. If people aren’t buying, then prices have to come down. But you know… Consumers will consume. Even if things are over-priced…

Gamers complain about predatory cash grabs (among the industry), while hitting the buy button.

Every single little detail in the game is monetized and they make bank of this game.

No one at Gaijin or it’s shareholders are hurting for money. They want as much as they can get.

Well, DCS updated their prices due to inflation, so it makes sense rank 8 was added.
Has nothing to do with greed, just business for entirely optional vehicles.

Also there are 2 - 4 sales a year for premium vehicles, with the next one happening in October/November.

This isn’t even predatory, this is the cost of a niche video game.
While this is among the more popular simulators, this is also the most changing simulator. Development teams are fast and speed is expensive.

I ain’t telling you this is good or bad, cause I’m not; I’m a random dude in poverty so my personal opinion about this will be skewed.
I’m just sharing the empathetic understanding I have for business.

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Imo selling basically “DLCs” against such prices requires a whole lot of improvement in game design

I mean DCS is one thing I understand why planes n stuff cost so much because a lot of development time goes into them. Unfortunately in WT a lot of prems are just copy paste.


They’re not anywhere as copy & paste as some people think tho.
And dev times cane still be years for some vehicles [T-90A & Type 10], let alone aircraft & ships.
Of course some vehicles can just be months, but we’ll never know which ones.

Pretty sure the F1C-200 is copy paste minus adding a refueling probe.

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Maybe, and it still required the research to verify every feature was accurate to available knowledge.

Yeah uh when it came out they clearly didn’t research some stuff.

At least they finally made the changes they needed too.


Something that people ain’t asking themselves is if these premiums will be regarded as new premiums in the next sales, especially considering that the next sales are a month after the update.
That would be an utterly bad move and way worse than the price increase.
Imagine when the next sales drop and they don’t discount them because they recently moved them a rank above.
@gromvoiny are you able to tell us if this is the case?

Of course we all are able to make the decision to buy anything in this game or not. Logging in or purchasing items tells a company all is fine, so let the players make their vote heard.

Idk, F5C at 5 Dolla more in sale for that sweet sweet tomcat and Eagle grind sounds tempting

My main pointis regarding the absolute inconsistency in GE vehilce prices.
It is based at BR, Rank and class at once and not at all for some.
This needs fixing if they want to adjust prices based on Rank.

You can not have a nearly 3k GE Rank I tank and increase its price to 3.5k at Rank II while other Rank II tanks of the same class and higher BR go for less than 2k GE (all as an example)

In the shop the Rank is the telling aspect (and this is a decent enough system as rank also gives the most accurate indication of how usefull of a grinder a vehicle is regarding bonuses)

But ingame it is mayham. That needs fixing. If Gajin wanted to make this seem like an adjustment of prices for Rank based pricing fine. But do all of them. Rework the prices for all GE vehicles to be consistent with that.

Now it might sound “logical” but it really is not. A Shop vehicle can enter the GE TT market and a GE TT vehicle can suddenly be removed and put into the shop.
The Price/Value of the vehicle should not depent on wether it is in the Shop or in the TT for GE.

The SHop already has a method of making such vehicles more enticing to buy. Extras. Like Camos, Prem time, SL and so on.
There is no reason as to why not all TT GE vehicles could not also be present in the shop. And still generate “new” cash for gajin. People who don`t hoard buy GE (which probably are most of us) will still cash out for the shop+bonus instead of buying a TT GE version without bonus.