Prevalence of "not quite fair gameplay"

Last time I posted about the C word, I was forum banned for a few days because it’s against the rules, so I’m using the term “not quite fair gameplay”.

I’ve seen on Youtube recently a video showing what “unfair gameplay” looks like, and just how blatant it is.
Players just seeing every enemy, shooting at them through thick bushes and trees, as fast as they can reload. Score 2-3 kills for the RP bonus, die so none suspects (getting 10-1 every match would certainly raise some flags), and usually just leave after that.

Thing is, I saw it mostly in top tier, with the highest tier premiums one can get for a nation. But now I see “not quite fair gamers” in low tiers as well, as low as rank 2.

Gaijin please install some anti “unfair gaming practices” tool. I’m sure there are some good ones available.