Premium vehicles like IS6 and Object120 uploaded to another BR and free vehicles do not upload. M103 is still on 7.0...and other POST-WAR tanks are still on their old BR

The recent changes to the BR of the game’s tanks are mainly to move post-war tanks away from WWII tanks, but Gaigin raised the IS6 released in 1944 to 7.3 and… I’m looking at the M103 released in 1951 and it’s still at 7.0. The worst thing is that the M103 is not premium and the IS6 is, so it prefers to hurt players who invested money in a vehicle, and not hurt players who use a free tank.

Lmao, lol even

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no this update wasn’t meant to move just all post war tanks it was here to move stabs and heat-f away from ww2, and i don’t know what your on about the m103 is 7.7


M103 is 7.7
IS 6 was P2W and still is. It should be 7.7 as well considering that its armour is better than most 7.7 heavies with a potent gun which will oneshot anything it hits, sth the other 7.7 HTs are not all capable of becaus ethey are stuck with either Solid AP or underperforming HEATFS.

Your demand is literally to handle premiums differently than any other tank, sth which is P2W by default

The IS-6 was not “released in 1944”. Two different prototypes, of which only one is represented in game, were tested, and development was discontinued due to their lackluster performance, with work continuing on the IS-3 and IS-4 instead.

The in game version of the tank is somewhat generous in its interpretation. Please understand I’m not saying this callously. The Maus is one of my favourite vehicles, and god knows the in game version is generous since the IRL thing could hardly move on its own.

But it’s the in game tank that we’re balancing, not the real one. In reality the IS-6 was judged to not be sufficiently improved from the IS-2, but in game it’s a beast. So saying “but it’s from 1944!” is meaningless, because the real thing and the in game thing barely correlate to each other.

But what about the T-10A? it has STAB, it has D ammunition and reload 1 second faster than IS-6 and also has two 50 cal instead one just one, on top of all that it also has a much better sight zoom, the only thing it lose to IS-6 is the reverse speed. I don’t think they should be in a same BR eventhough I think the T-10A being one of the worst performing premium tonk ever.

…and they still outperforms most of their peers

M103 is superior to IS-6 in every manner.

Russian mains: “hey hey hey bro we play without gun depression and non-existent reverse speed bro if anything we are always at disadvantage bro like handicapped T-72 series, please gitgud bro your Abrams and Leopards can reverse, can peek over the hill without exposing the entire vehicle hitbox, skills issues bro.”

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