Premium Vehicle Talisman | Adding a 2nd talisman to make vehicles premium

So right now there’s only one type of talisman which gives you +100% RP to you’re vehicle and nothing else. But what if there were two options so you can turn tech tree vehicles and event vehicles into a premium vehicle with both SL and RP boosters along with unlocking the rank efficiency limit.
This would also give Gajin a new income and would open up players to get the best rewards with there favorite vehicle.

Old Talisman Option

New Talisman Option

Note: Prices shown are just placeholders

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If you voted no, what was the reason why you voted no?

It would add variety to matches, instead of everybody using the same few premiums.


There would be no point buying premium vehicles for 60+ € when this could make premium vehicle out of anything and cheaper. So it will never get implemented.

How would there be no point? It would cost the same as a premium vehicle but you would also need to unlock the vehicle first so its more work then it would just buying a premium.

In that case the talisman itself giving both SL and RP would need to be for about 11.5k GE to match the cost of premium vehicle, or slightly more depending on rank. As current rank 7 tanks/planes are 75€.

Yeah the price could change depending on the rank of the vehicle. I just think that tech tree vehicles should have the option to get the same rewards cause sometimes tech tree vehicles preform better then premium vehicles. It would also make it so you can turn SPAA into a premium vehicle if you wanted to as well.

Also to add onto that. This would also make is so players could turn event vehicles into premium vehicles.