Premium vehicle research points not working properly

I’m currently researching the Su-27 using the Su-25K, but I noticed my vehicle research rp is much lower than my modifications rp. The last game I played I got 21,000 modifications rp but only 9,000 vehicle research rp. This only started happening after I started researching the Su-27. Can someone please tell me what’s going on because I thought premium vehicles always give you the same amount of vehicle research rp as the modifications rp no matter the rank.

The reason is the Su-27 is two ranks above the Su-25K so its not going to be the most productive in researching. The best efficiency for researching vehicles while using the Su-25k is shown in the screenshot.

Also you can see the rank on the Su-27 is higher then the max efficiency rate.
War Thunder - In battle 2_19_2024 4_57_58 PM

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damn thats a bummer but thanks anyway