Premium Upgrade Toolkit

We have seen a lot of vehicles that basically are premium copies from the research tree. Like Centurion Mk.2 from the current battle pass, like AMX50(TO90/930) from the last battle pass. I’m not saying they aren’t good, but I’m just saying it’s kinda boring to see and we didn’t expect those vehicles. And we also know at the beginning of the battle pass those bonus vehicles are actually very good and unique.

We can have a conclusion here that Gaijin doesn’t have enough people on it, creating new vehicles for battle passes and even the events, but this can be understood since there’s a lot of work in other areas that much more important (Updates, bugs, fx…). So, here my humble suggestion comes:

We know in the far parallel universe, in World of Tanks, players can upgrade a non-premium vehicle that’s from the research tree to a premium vehicle (with golden background icon, premium earnings factor), using the premium currency.

So why not do that in War Thunder? And we can do that in a better way, we can have what so-called the “Premium Upgrade Toolkit”, it is an in-game consumable prop that can be obtained only from the battle pass/events. This is how it works:
To upgrade a Rank I vehicle, we need one “Premium Upgrade Toolkit”; To upgrade a Rank VII vehicle, we need seven “Premium Upgrade Toolkit”. Once the vehicle is upgraded, it’ll permanently become a premium without Talisman, which will have a golden background icon and x2.0 SL earning factor, and you can still continue to purchase a Talisman if you want the +100% RP. A special symbol will also be added to the vehicle name, so other players in the battle can see the difference.

The one or multiple “Premium Upgrade Toolkit” can be one of the choices for the prize from a battle pass/event, and can not be purchased in-store with GE so make it really rare, and players would be able to sell or buy it on the Marketplace for sure.

It will be a great opportunity for players to show their love for specific vehicles, for me like the SU-100P, VMF232, XM8. And I believe many players would love the iconic Leopard 2A6. Certainly from Gaijin’s perspective they can make bundle packs for sale for those vehicles in the future. But isn’t it pathetic to see a bundle pack vehicle called Leopard 2A6 or even 2A7? If it happens it will really be the end of life of this game I loved.

What do you think about this idea? Hope the official can see this!


You can already upgrade your vehicle for have RP bonus with a Talisman.
Maybe Talisman can be upgraded for show more that vehicle upgrade but not for give all premium bonuses.

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Just don’t lock more things behind the battlepass, everything is already locked behind it since it’s paired with the warbond shop and only rewards those who play consistently.

We need something in the game to compete with premiums anyways as right now they are the only vehicles worth playing, ever.

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