Premium SPAA?

Why we cant get any premium spaa? Okey the 2s38 pretty hybrid thing but not a 100% spaa.


I would rather they add tech tree spaa to fill holes


Gaijin isn’t stupid mate.
They know how to cater to the masses and it’s quite obvious what masses like when you take a look at premiums they dish out.

That being said, I’m pretty sure Gaijin is well aware how boring and often times, unfair SPAAs can be but they simply can’t be bothered with them, since there’s not that much money to be milked out of that specific tree.

Spaa vehicles are impractical grinding vehicles, and therefore bad products to sell, they complete lineups, but are never the core of them.

i guess higher br things

comment still stands, not a good product

This perfect idea for premium spaa

They are impractical for a reason and that’s a problem, don’t you think ?

They are impractical grinding vehicles by nature, and that is not a problem. They have an important place in the game, and that place is not as premiums

No, not at all. Tech tree.

you are aware the 2S38 is designated as an spaa in real life, war thunder just mislabed / gave it another designation to not give a precedent to add high tier spaas (which many players would need)

Why are they impractical ?
Is it maybe because they are boring as hell to many people and also frequently not very good vehicles at around their BR range ?

Its generally because for them to be useful, it requires the other team to come out in a vehicle that they cannot first spawn in, and there will be a very limited amount of in any given match. The two things you have mentioned are arguably true, boring being subjective, but are the same as many premiums already. One could say that premium bombers are boring to play, and there are plenty of pretty poor premium vehicles for their BR.

Not really, Lots of SPAA can be used as light tanks: quick, decent penetration with the right ammo. Let’s take an example such as the German Gepard. it is an SPAA, but it can ruin your day in any tank if he gets your side.
Like that one, many others can just kill tanks. So it makes some sense that premium SPAA would be a thing. Though like someone said before I would rather have them in the tech tree line since there are some huge gaps. (Before this patch France would go with the single bofor canon SPAA till it reached AMX-30-DCA)

Would you prefer a Turm 3 or a gepard if you had to pick only 1 vehicle to have. You dont need to answer, its obvious. That is why it would be a bad product.

Depends on the BR you’re playing, every lineup that’s at 6.7 or above can see first spawn heli rushers.
Also, things that you just mentioned are the core problems with SPAAs and their boredom-inducing playstyle, at least for many people.

You are often found in a situation where either you are the lone SPAA going against multiple aircraft, or are just roaming around with nothing to shoot at in the skies. People often put themselves in disadvantageous positions trying to hunt tanks with AAs, just because they want to have fun and AA duty isn’t providing, if you know what I mean.

Something being fun/boring is indeed subjective, but I’m still looking for someone that will say: “Oh gee, I can’t wait to play my SPAA, it’s way more fun than playing lights/mediums/heavies.”

They obviously know that masses enjoy playing “normal” tanks and aircraft. Just take a look at premiums added in previous updates.
In the last five updates they’ve added three low-tier bombers (1.3 and 1.7 BR), while at the same time, they’ve added loads more tanks/helis/fighters/strike aircraft (26 if I can count, mainly high-ish tiers).

There’s a difference between performing poorly and not being able to engage targets that you should be able.

Bad product because of Gaijin’s inability to make them work properly while providing same fun levels to the average player as they get from other vehicle types.
AA tree is probably the closest tree to the abandonware status, since amount of work that’s been put into it is hilariously low.

The problem with adding premium SPAA is it’s necessary to have for a full lineup.

Good news though is Gaijin doesn’t care about providing full lineups for nations so there’s always the chance they’ll choose to add one.

Even though there is no need to answer, there is a certain BR (7.7) with certain nations (Russia mainly) where the SPAA is actually fun to play against ground and not so much against air.

The ZSU-57-2 feels nice to play: decent mobility, decent pen, good reload speed, and decent traverse speed against ground vehicles. Now for air if someone takes an early jet, good luck shooting it even though it’s your role. The traverse speed, and the bullet velocity makes it a pain to hit them, and for some reason even if you hit with a 57mm anti air ammo, most of the time it will just crit them, but not destroy them or make them nose dive into the ground.

But again I still prefer them to be in the main tree rather than premium.

The perfect premium Spaa, its loud, annoying, fun , a brrrt meme and has an ammo count small enough to last the average premium players lifespan in game XD