Premium Max Vehicle Research 'Efficiency'. What does that mean exactly?

Hi all, I have a rank V German Premium tank and I’m using it to grind Rank VII. I see the tool tip says “Max Vehicle Research ‘Efficiency’” I - VI.

Now I’ve just read this after grinding 200,000 XP into the Leo 2A5 unlock requirement.

I seems to be slower but wonder why the vehicle you use would be gimped. I assume so you buy a higher tier Premium?

If someone can let me know please.

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Thank you.

I’m losing 60% of my earned XP. Really? So I have to earn 544,000 XP total.

Yeah that’s a bit trashy Gaijin.

It’s to encourage people to play near the ranks they are unlocking to gather the necessary experience for higher tier equipment and to force them to purchase the more expensive premiums for effective grind.

Yep understood T3ddy4. I guess you read every word for word every End User License Agreement, Terms and Conditions for every thing you partake in.

Tell me under what circumstances can Gaijin Entertainment close down War Thunder servers? Has to be top of mind for you no? :-)

Any circumstances they feel like, they can close them at any time, for any reason, and everyone could immediately lose everything.

Only things that matter, or where i have money in.

Also, this post has nothing to do with the End User License Agreement, or Terms and Conditions, its one of the core mechanics in the game. If you had a basic understanding of how it works you would have already known how this works.

Kick a man when hes down

I won’t argue this point, basically I accept your critique as being an unknowledgeable player. Simply trying to enjoy the game.

My point about T&Cs and EULAs relates to you posting this. I guess I’m saying you read everything from a mobile plans T&Cs, to installing any software or buying any home appliance.

Which I doubt you do. So it was more of a glass house throwing stones reference.

BUT… all is good. I appreciate I’m not the best, and also appreciate you spending the time with your responses even if we’re not 100% aligned.