Premium expire messages

its anyoing that I keep getting a premium acount expired messages every other day from like 6 months ago when I got one day of free premium I dont want to buy more pls stop sending me messages about his when I press the button THAT SAY I DONT CARE


This and the one that nags you to drag your friends and relations into the hell that is WT…
The least they could do is only pop them up when you’ve had a good game. I always get them after getting Gaijined. Makes clicking “Oh hell naw” easier.


Only invite friends and family to play if you hate them .


Try seeing a message (like I have to) that you are chat banned for the last 7 years EVERY time you start the game with no way to turn it off for future logins.

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What have you done to get this chat ban?

Nothing special, couple of times said some thing to teamkillers that stalked me the entire game for no reason, just for some stupid fun (sometimes there were even 2 of them). Other times I just used gaijin name in some “creative” ways after getting too many losing streaks. Never directly at any mod or admin, just “gaijin.”

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Made my day! Thx xD