Premium AMX-30?

What’s the point of the premium AMX-30 (the one with the 12,7mm)? It’s just worse than the tree one, and I honestly don’t get why couldn’t they just make the 1972 version hidden, while moving the premium one to the tree (refunding all the golden eagles for those that bought it).

It honestly makes no sense for me, this post may be unnecessary, but guh, it makes absolutely no sense.

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I can definitely agree that the AMX-30 has very little point in game. It’s one of the few French premiums that I don’t own and continue to be fine with avoiding. But it’s there to get people to cash into the game so they get a AMX-30 now, but don’t want to commit to the Super.

Would like to see something like the Panzer 58 come as a replacement.

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My suggestion is:

  • Hide the AMX-30 (1972).

  • Move the AMX-30 into the research tree.

  • Add a premium to fill the void, like maybe the early stabilized AMX-30 prototype.

There’s the export AMX-30s, like the 30C2, 30V, and 30EM2. One of those could be a replacement for it.

Why would you advocate for nerfing the tech tree version just to put the premium one in the tech tree

There’s already a stabilized AMX-30 premium

France doesn’t need more premiums it needs IFVs in its tech tree

We need more vehicles in general. I just noticed that (1972) was the tech tree version.

I would personally hide the premium version, then create a tech tree version foldered under the current one.

Which would then create space for a more competitive vehicle without making the current premium obselete in comparison.

While I understand that bringing more IFV’s important. The reality is also likely they’re leaving us behind in December, where we might only get a downgrade of the VBCI-2 (MCT-30) that’s currently planned according to a popular leak.

So trying to figure out ways we can present the tech tree to be more appealing is becoming important.

France’s 7.7 lineup is already filled with many vehicles the only thing it’s missing at said BR range is SPAA

Gaijin said it’s okay to add the 2S38 so there is absolutely zero justification to not add the EBRC Jaguar.

That a copy paste TT version of the VBCI-2 hasn’t been added yet is even more egregious considering they took the time to model it but then added France’s only IFV as a premium (until this past update when they added the sad excuse of a SPAA at ~6.0).

Gaijin’s mishandling of minor nation’s tech trees is egregious. Going from China to France finally being forced to play USA just to have an IFV modeled ingame. It’s egregious.


I understand the frustration. Unfortunately it’s a feeling that I and many others likely including you know well.
We got spoiled the past few updates with vehicles we’ve long asked for. So it seems we flew to close to the sun and forgot how they see us as a tech tree and player base.

The Jaguar is something everyone even outside of France is confused hasn’t been added yet and have been asking be added for us. But it still isn’t meant to be if December isn’t our update.
Hopefully things turn around, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up.
I’ve been asking for the Sagaie 2 and Vextra wheeled assault guns to replace the AMX-10RC as top tier light tanks. Those appear to still be no where in sight. Having a stable AMX-13 like the SK-105A3 would also be nice.

Best thing that I can think to do is not put to much hopes into one update and keep suggesting ways to overhaul and add to the French tech tree. Having better 8.0-9.0 vehicles that are stabilized would naturally make us more attractive, because unstable guns appear to be a turn off for a good amount of people.
At least it seems China might be getting an IFV finally, I’ve been playing them as I don’t enjoy Soviet equipment to much.

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