Premium Aircraft reload times deliberate or bug?

I have noticed that premium air vehicles appear to ignore the crew skill attribute for reloading ordinance. Is that a deliberate thing or just an oversight/bug?

Are you talking about when you land on the airfield in RB or in Arcade?

Arcade battles, sorry should have mentioned that! Also happens in Naval AB too.

After this game I will take a look. I have to see exactly what the crew skills describe.

Basically if you are in a tech tree p47 I can get bomb reloads in 15 seconds with crew skills, take a premium p47 it takes over 4 minutes to reload them.

I just checked with my P-51-D10 and P-51H-5-NA and they had the same reload for the 1k lb bombs. I would go to // Issues and report is as a bug to see what Gaijin says about it.

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Crew skill can only halve the required time.
The difference is in the base value which is vehicle specific. However, I just tested all premium P-47 and without exception the bomb reload base value was 60 seconds. Could you name a specific model and bomb payload?

EDIT: It’s not 60 seconds, I used test flight but that gives different numbers, my bad.

You just made it up.
There is no boost for premium vehicles for reload.

I never said it was a boost, I said it seems to miss out the crew skill entirely. As in the time takes longer to reload, sometimes by minutes then it would using a tech tree variant.

Thanks for checking. I am going to run through a number of battles and get some video/screenshots. I have always had the issue since I started playing, I just never really thought to ask before so maybe it is a bug for me. Funnily enough it doesn’t happen when I perform test flights.

Ok I have managed to replicate this issue in the same aircraft and reported it here where you can see the full videos to these screenshots:

As you can see the timers seem to be fine in test flights but in naval arcade (and I know this happens in Air AB too) there is a huge difference. Test Flight = 35 seconds, Naval AB = nearly 4 minutes.

The test flight values might be wrong / reduced to make it more convenient.
Usually the reload times are category specific with fighter planes having 400 seconds base improvable down to 200 seconds with crew skills. Because the Hornet is categorised as a fighter the long reload times seem correct. Only ground attack and bomber aircraft have a 60 seconds base value.

I’m not too sure about possible exceptions, namely the P-47, but I’d expect the 15 seconds reload as you described it to be a bug.