Premium Account

When purchasing premium account the drop down informs you that “Premium Account is a type of elite membership which provides a lot of bonuses” one of which , and i quote
“Allows to ban missions in random battles”
Note that it says Missions, plural as in more than one. This is infact misleading as you are limited to banning only one mission, you can also dislike 4 other maps but that dont stop you getting the said disliked map.
I know the English language may not be Gaijins first language but they have people in their employ that proof read articles rules etc, maybe this was just overlooked.
Dont dislike me Gajin lol


you can ban both air, ground, and naval maps soo…


I only play one game mode, maybe i should have stated that, so its 1 map per game mode then?
I’m rushing out to buy premium right away lol…


I am guessing irony…but just in case…
Premium best benefit is the better SL/RP gain…the abbility to lock 1 (or a few) maps is not that relevant IMHO…
I am guessing that too many map “bans” will create problems for the matchmaking…and if they are “definite” it may be an issue (you can always ignore a dislike).
More important…if you are considering premium…i suggest you wait for a 50% discount…one is expected around MAY.

When you ban a map you ban every version of that map, so it’s not just 1.

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