Premium Account Tier List Idea

Some people may be in favor of this and some may not. I don’t know if the idea of having different tier list for premium account with a monthly subscription would be an option for Gaijin? Ranging anywhere from $10-30 a month with different benefits like faster researching, access to a few premiums each month of your choice and changing each month, access to older vehicle no longer available, etc. I know I’d be willing to pay for a monthly subscription that would give me more content with a more enjoyable experience!

Hmm. The idea is interesting, but I think could be clarified a bit more. I’d be on board with this though. I’d also recommend making a proper suggestion here :)

I’d rather just have the current premium account be made more worthwhile.


don’t give them ideas to nerf economy more and squeeze more money from people


Premium account isn’t that expensive to begin with and people with more disposable income that have less time to play would appreciate it more.

How long before premium ammo ?

Sounds like this is something not affordable for you. Like I said, this is gear towards people with less time and more disposable income.

Funny guy ,probably asking mommy to buy him another premium atm .