Preferred maps : Is this thing even working?

Hello, I have a question regarding this little menu :

So, this is my Arcade preferences for example.
In the last hundred 8.7+ games I played, I only got Red Desert once despite being liked
Whereas I got multiple disliked maps in my rotations… At least, I never got Alaska… I wish I had more bans…

I should use reverse psychology on that menu, is it even affecting the matchmaking? I’m absolutely lost now… There’s not even a single in-game tool-tip to tell you if this thing is just placebo or indeed affecting your chances to get X or Y map…

From my experience it is. But you are not only player in that match, so it cant be based only on your options.

This topic pops up quite often. The usual outcome looks like following:

  1. Like/dislike has no effects on the maps you play on. It is commonly seen as kind of feedback to gaijin.
  2. The only things that works are bans with a premium account.

They should be more clear about it then, honestly that’s sad that something that can be seen as a feature is just snake oil
Because we all know what it takes for them to listen to feedback…

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Lol, no.
It doesn’t work at all.
Only bans w/ prem

The menu is a democracy. You are voting with the entire playerbase.
Reverse psychology does not work at all. Vote your favorite maps, and just be patient.
Maybe one day people get bored of Advance to the Rhine.