Preferential Kill?

I really can’t say it’s 100% true but I’m at a good 90% that it is but I’ve either pissed off someone in Gaijin or the bots are rampant more than I would think and live players get targeted more than other bots. Minding my business against one vs one or some such but the one enemy tank that has multiple of my friendly tanks surrounding it hammering it, me doing nothing but trying to pass by, gets shot. Way in the back, multiple friendly tanks in the open close to the enemy, I get shot. I don’t know what’s going on or some sort of stupid bug but it’s becoming hateful playing knowing that I’m getting taken out as soon as I pop my head up.

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FYI, I don’t care for an answer anymore. Hell…the only one I would get would be from some fanboy who thinks taking up for Gaijin is their holy duty and not someone from Gaijin. Tired of the apparent cheating as well but hey there’s no cheating…

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I can’t tell the difference anymore. Bots, Hacks, The Snail playing favourite nations. No point to bothering.