Pre-Order: VIDAR: Divine Vengeance

The VIDAR is an export variant of the South Korean K9 Thunder self-propelled gun, developed during the mid 2010s as a replacement for outdated equipment used by the Norwegian Army at the time. Soon, the powerful VIDAR will join the ranks of the Swedish ground forces tree as a new premium ground vehicle arriving as part of the next major update!

Briefly: A Norwegian export version of the South Korean K9 SPG, featuring a powerful 155 mm gun coupled with excellent mobility.

Pre-order — K9 Vidar Pack

Pre-order — K9 Vidar Pack
The Kit Includes:
  • K9 VIDAR (Rank V, Sweden);
  • 2000 Golden Eagles;
  • 15 days of Premium account;
  • Pre-order bonus: unique title “God of Vengeance”;
  • Pre-order bonus: unique decal “Fenrir”.

VIDAR, SPG, Sweden, Rank V, premium.


  • High caliber cannon.
  • Laser rangefinder.
  • Thermal imager.
  • Lightweight protection.
  • Premium bonuses.

Development of the K9 began during the 1980s when the South Korean military recognized the need to upgrade its artillery from the outdated M107 and K55 systems in light of the North Korean army’s introduction of the far-reaching M-1978 Koksan howitzer. By that time, the Ministry of Defence ordered the development of a new mobile artillery system that was led by the Agency for Defense Development in cooperation with a number of other manufacturers. With development officially starting in 1989, the first prototype became ready for testing in 1996. Following a successful test period, the K9 was ordered into production in 1998, with the first production models being commissioned into service in 1999.

Being not only a successful development for South Korea’s domestic needs, the K9 also proved quite successful on the export market as well with numerous countries adopting the type into service, with some countries even producing the vehicle under license. In 2015, Norway was also seeking to modernize its artillery. Under the program, multiple platforms were put into comparative testing, including the K9 which would eventually win the competition. As a result, in 2017 a purchase agreement was signed for an initial order of 24 modified vehicles, which featured a Norwegian fire control system among other upgrades.

Entering service with Norwegian forces shortly afterward under the designation VIDAR, the vehicle currently serves at the forefront of Norway’s long-range artillery capabilities with a total of 28 vehicles currently in service with the armed forces.

Coming to War Thunder in the next major update, the VIDAR will reinforce the Swedish ground forces tree as a new self-propelled gun at rank V. Thanks to its massive gun, excellent mobility and premium bonuses, you’ll be able to take full advantage of the highly capable K9, to not only advance through the ranks of the Swedish ground tree quicker, but also have a literal blast while doing so. Sounds explosive enough? Let’s dive into the details!

Similar to other nation’s high-caliber SPGs found at this rank, the VIDAR is equipped with a powerful 155 mm L/52 howitzer, possessing good overall ballistic properties making the gun relatively simple to use in direct fire mode. Despite its high caliber however, you’ll be able to fire off a round every 10 seconds thanks to the assisted loading mechanism. The VIDAR’s fire control system boasts valuable options such as a laser rangefinder and thermal imager, helping you to seek and destroy enemies at distances in any conditions.

Download Wallpaper:

By default, the VIDAR has access to the standard 155 mm M107 HE round that many tankers are sure to be familiar with. However, you’ll also be able to opt for the slightly heavier OE F3 HE round, which is not only packed with slightly more explosive mass, but also sports a higher muzzle velocity. With the VIDAR enjoying premium status, both rounds are available to tankers immediately after obtaining the vehicle. Aside from a powerful main gun, the K9 also features a .50 caliber roof-mounted machine gun that will certainly come in handy for combating enemy aircraft and can also be used for analogue rangefinding.

Did you know? The name ‘VIDAR’ is simultaneously an acronym standing for ‘Versatile Indirect Artillery’ but also draws inspiration from the ancient Norse god of silence and vengeance.

Naturally, with the VIDAR being a support vehicle by design, engineers designed the vehicle with only limited protection. Thanks to its 1,000 HP diesel engine, the K9 can reach very respectable speeds of up to 67 km/h under ideal conditions. Furthermore, with such responsive mobility, the VIDAR can quickly shift positions along the frontline each time it fires off a salvo and can thus remain an elusive target to the enemy!

The VIDAR will soon join the Swedish ground forces tree at rank V as a new premium vehicle and will become available upon the release of the next major update. That’s this dev blog wrapped up — be sure to stay tuned to the news as we continue to reveal what other exciting new features and additions await you in the upcoming update. Until then, happy hunting tankers!



I love artillery, hope this means we will get other nations equivalent aswell


Same, M109 is long overdue, but hopefully the leak list is untrue, as the A3 variant is kinda shit and makes no sense to add over the later variants (A6 and A7)

Dammmn, this vehicle is so gorgeous!
I would lose $50 from my wallet…;)

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So will we get the Finnish K9 in the techtree?

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It’s norwegian K9

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I was going to ask same thing.
Weird that they choose Norwegian vehicle even when Finland also uses K9 and has own line in Swedish tree.
I guess this pretty much confirms that Norwegian and probably Danish vehicles will all go to Swedish tree. Hope we see NM-116 Panserjager (Chaffee with 90mm gun)


This premium is.

But Finland also has K9 thunders, so i asked if we will get one for the Finnish subtree, as one of the best artillery systems being behind a paywall is bit of a dick move.


Now thats a Artillery of my taste :D

Yeah you right this is dick move from Gajin that this will be premium, because i would like see this vehicle in normal TT not premium.

And that’s why i’m hoping for Finnish K9 in the regular TT.
Then it wouldn’t be a dick move.


thermal, laser range finder, 10 second autoloader, 1000hp, 155 l52, and all of that is rank V? Gaijin doesn’t even hide their greed putting a blatantly OP vehicle as an exclusive premium…


I could not find the information about the specifications and difference in Finnish and Norwegian versions but i will reply if i find one. If there is difference about this versions maybe we will se regular K9

I guess this pretty much confirms that Norwegian and probably Danish vehicles will all go to Swedish tree.

I think the Norwegian Leopard 1A5 already did that.

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Isn’t Finnish K9 basic variant and VIDAR is K9A1 with Norwegian FCS and radio.
Some sources say it also has spall liner and direct sight. I can’t find does basic K9 variant have Direct combat sight.

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Well yeah,but this pretty much confirms it.
Gaijin doesn’t miss a chance to add German vehicle to tech trees so they can get some money.

Kongsberg, who designed the VIDAR variant, also designed K9s for Finnish and Estonian use. So pretty good chance they are similar.

The direct fire sight was actually first used on the Indian K9 iirc


But isn’t Indian K9s also their own variant?
What I read from Finnish sources K9FIN Moukari are refurbished K9s from ROK army.
So there is high chance that our K9s don’t have GPS(Gunner primary sight) that Norway and India wanted.

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I don’t see why there should be any differences.

We already have premium and TT versions of the same vehicle.

For example Jagdpanther, M46, Vautour2N, cobra king, M1128, crusader, pz4j and Leo2 pzbtl123.
Only difference often being that one is from special unit or something.

So IMO both Norwegian and Finnish K9 should come to the Swedish TT.

OE F3 HE that is a french shell no? The same as the AuF1?