Pre-Order: VIDAR: Divine Vengeance

The partnership has already proven to be successful, he added, citing their recent involvement in Norway’s Vidar program for K9 and K10 procurement, and pointing to their delivery of K9s to Finland and Estonia. Under the partnership, Kongsberg is responsible for the integration of tactical communication systems and battle management systems. Hanwha, Kongsberg team up to bolster Australia’s K9 howitzers

This can be understood as Kongsberg upgrading the Finnish and Estonian K9s to the same respect as the K9 VIDAR. At least in terms of coms and BMS.

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Rank doesnt mean battle rating

First vehicle made by my home country! Nice.


didn’t watch the roadmap announcement that premiums will be sent to the rank corresponding to their br? That tells us that the rank V vidar will be on the 7.0-8.0 bracket and not higher, which is too low for such vehicle.

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@Kanelikainalo @pyrka @Wallia_Marseille @Favnirbane According to wikipedia and some Korean sources I’ve looked into, The Norwegian and Indian variants were the first to fit direct fire sights, with the Aussie variants set to be retrofitted with them soon. There’s no mention of the Finnish variant having direct fire sights.

So chances of seeing the Finnish variant is low, unless the Finns decide to retrofit their variant with direct fire sights in real life.


well A3 variant could be given to other countries as well, out of the top of my head, germany had the A3 as well

Norwegian K9 Vidar awesome!

Pretty nice. But a minor nitpick with the pre-order bonuses.
Fenrir isn’t a God, on the contrary he is the one destined to kill the Gods, so the ‘God of Vengeance’ title clashes a little with the decal.
There are actually 2 Gods of Vengeance, Vidar and Vali.
Maybe a better title would have been ‘Bringer of Ragnarok’? That would fit well with the Fenrir decal.


Wich Br will it be? (most likely)

around top tier, 9-12? or much lower?

Aaand there went the auto-loader. Nice knowing you!

Think it was 7.7 in the DEV

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ok, tanks!

7.7 with 35mm armor all around, laser rangefinder, thermals and a 7.8 second reload rate?

who thought this was in any way balanced at 7.7?

i swear its not that difficult to put a new vehicle at a somewhat balanced BR when first introduced, one could think you do this on purpose.

Perfectly balanced ;)

They don’t care, they’ll put the BR up when they have enough sales

Releasing premium tanks with features not common at their BR rating is not healthy for the game.

this thing needs to go to br 9.3 or .9.7 asap its just cheating using it on 8.0…